Lord Puttnam: leadership, engagement and trust

Lord Puttnam: leadership, engagement and trust

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Delivering our Annual Lecture 2015

Just over 140 of you joined us at a cosy and intimate room at BAFTA to hear from - as our CEO describes - the national treasure that is Lord David Puttnam.

'The tasks you set yourself cannot be achieved in a single lifetime', he started out saying. With a rallying call to action he spoke eloquently and passionately about how democracy is not a spectator sport. He argued that he felt we have returned to the levels of inequality last felt in 1914, which is a sad state of affairs to be in.

Speaking at length about trust, he said democracy is about passing on a public trust. 'Our tabloid papers carry about as much news as Tit Bits paper [when I was growing up] and are about as reliable.'

At what point do we insist a line is drawn between entertainment and news?

With the election coming up, he then turned his attention to our political leaders. 'Trust and leadership. We want it, we seek it and we're not being offered it. Are we part of the problem or are we prepared to dig deep to become part of the solution?' Likening democracy to freedom, he said that the countries in the world that take democracy seriously are the ones that work at it.

He then moved on to challenge the room on climate change, saying it is the single biggest issue facing us today. 'I'm dealing with issues I will not be alive to see resolved', he said.

This year's Annual Lecture was held at BAFTA and you can view the full speech and Q&A with Lord Puttnam in our Cinema the week after the event, so keep logging in to our Clubhouse to keep an eye out.

Our next Flagship event will be our Annual Conference in November, featuring speakers such as Sir Dave Brailsford and Alain de Botton. Head here to find out more and book your tickets.

Author: The Marketing Society
Posted: 19 Apr 2015
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