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8 big Qs for 2018

In 2008, I got my first job in advertising and my boss said to me ‘you ask lots of difficult questions, about everything.’ 10 years on my curiosity is even more heightened than ever before. Analysing the effectiveness of creativity in the industry, tracking the changes restructuring our economy and humanity. I’ve whittled down a list of 8 key areas I believe are worth keeping an eye on in the year ahead: 1. Brand identity Will customers continue to seek the unknown? ‘56% of Europeans 18-34 seek out niche logos they haven’t heard of.’ – Deloitte. The new and obscure is being favoured by consumers giving them something different to share with friends. A trend likely to continue. 2. Innovation design Could design save capitalism? ‘Design Thinking’ has become increasingly more valuable to corporate investment. Brands look to invest in design engineered products with bespoke design language and patterns to re-engage target markets. 3. Workplace productivity Can deep-working techniques create confidence in employees?

Freelancers = deliver

People who work as freelancers make up 40% of the design and media workforce, according to the 2016 Labour Force Survey by the Office of National Statistics. That’s a lot of people. In fact, I’m sure if you’re reading this right now and work in an advertising, marketing, media or design agency and look around you can see at least one, if not two freelancers in your sight. Spot them? Give them a wave! As a copywriter, I’ve been freelancing for 3 years now at agencies in London, Paris & Amsterdam. I have seen this well documented increase in freelancing, especially in London – more people are going freelance as well as more agencies seeking a more fluid work force. It works in everyone’s favour – it allows agencies to size up and down, as well as giving freelancers the chance to experience working on many different briefs, meet new people and tackle new creative challenges.

Awards: 2017 winners

There's just under a month left to submit your entries for this year's Excellence Awards. so start planning today. With 24 categories to enter - from Customer Insight to Employee Engagement - this is your chance to really shine and show the industry what's best practice.

Interview with Tosin Adeniji

Blue sky thinking and the key skills every CMO needs, Tosin Adeniji shares her thoughts. What’s your golden rule? Think randomly big - Often times the most successful ideas come from that random thought that we dared to share with others. What is your most hated business expression? “Blue sky thinking” - the premise behind this phrase is essentially that we should think creatively against all the norms of the current world, but as bold marketers this should be the place we always strive for. No need for it to be highlighted at the beginning of the meeting! What’s your favourite word? Flexible - In this ever changing industry, as creators, marketers and innovators we have to stay flexible to external conditions, users and even among ourselves.

Now + Next 2018

We live in an incredible time … More change in the next 10 years, than in the last 250 years … Connected technologies, augmented intelligence, and possibilities limited only by our imaginations. Elon Musk says we live in a time of profound progress – accelerated by his Tesla cars, SpaceX rockets and Hyperloop tubes, he hopes. Ray Kurzweil beckons us towards his point of singularity, an exponential journey where man fuses with machine. Alibaba’s Jack Ma, who went from English teacher to $480bn CEO, simply says he’s having the best party ever. But it doesn’t always feel exciting. Complexity and change can often challenge our established ways of thinking, the frame in which we see our world, and the choices we make.

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