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Smart cities - highlights

Highlights and interviews from our Uncomfortable Breakfast in Hong Kong on June 2017, discussing smart cities of the future.

Stand up for what matters

Amidst the day to day pressures we all face… looming deadlines, budget constraints, business results, people performance and market share growth it is easy to lose sight of the fundamental role that brands play for both our customers and our organisations. At their very core brands are created to attract an audience to our company’s products or services. Within the competitive fields in which we operate a strong brand helps our company to be noticed, remembered and understood. At their best brands represent an ideal or a purpose of which those who work for the brand can be proud and to which your audience can aspire. In short, brands provide an emotional short cut for our busy brains; the stronger this emotional connection the more likely business success will follow.

Room to Read: a review

The recent Marketing Society Inspirational Dinner hosted in Hong Kong was hugely enjoyable and the small group of marketers gathered were able to savor an intimate and informal evening with Room to Read founder John Wood. With passionate storytelling, searching questions and lively discussion over dinner, it was a fantastic event.

Cindy Gallop interview

Industry legend and self-appointed spokesperson on diversity, Cindy Gallop, talks to Mumbrella Asia’s Dean Carroll on diverse topics ranging from warped Western views on Asia to all white male ‘closed loops of power’ – in her most in-depth interview ever.   Firstly, I know that your mother is from Malaysia so you will have a strong view on this. Asia generally is fast becoming a honeypot for the ad industry with the likes of Droga5 now even planning to open an office in Shanghai and Havas just striking a big partnership deal in China too. What are your thoughts on the potential for the media and marketing industry in Asia?   “My answer will be extremely subjective and bias because I am of the region myself.

Industry problems

Attracting and retaining talent in an era of exponential change is a global challenge, but in a region as fragmented as Asia Pacific, it becomes even more interesting.   The opportunities do outweigh the challenges of course, so how can the industry make sure it’s future-ready from a people point of view? PHD Asia Pacific CEO Susana Tsui is the first to answer The Drum’s weekly Q&A, in which industry leaders, hot new talent and everyone in between, will cast their opinions on whether the marketing industry has, when talent is concerned, got its own marketing problem.   Do you think young people want to work in the marketing industry now? Young people have an enormous range of employment options these days, especially those with keen interest in technology and ecommerce. In many ways, marketing has become less sexy due to the long hours and financial pressures of today’s world.

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