Connecting corporate and personal branding

A member-led conversation

Streaming live from Dubai, 26 April, 11am to 12pm

Today, we live in a world where word of mouth wins. 92% of consumers say they trust recommendations from people over brands.

So, how can you make the most of this by harnessing the power of your personal brand?

Our latest roundtable series is led by members, for members and the first session will be hosted by member, Dania Haffar Bazzy, Founder, Visionbuz. In this session, we'll explore personal brand; how to shape it, and how to ensure it works hand in hand with company's corporate branding. From building stories and engaging content, to ensuring that when you leave the corporate, you maintain professional continuity—expect a candid conversation with fellow marketers from the MENA region.

Timings: 8am BST | 11am GST

Host our next member-led UAE roundtable

If you are interested in hosting a conversation on a topic you think would benefit other Society members, please contact Lauren with a short description.

The next available dates are: Monday 24 May, Monday 28 June and Monday 26 July.



Streaming live from Dubai