Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams

CEO, Skyscanner

Self-confessed IT geek Gareth Williams is the CEO of Skyscanner.

Skyscanner was born from a personal frustration of how difficult it was to search for and compare flight prices on the web.  Skyscanner’s revolutionary intelligent search technology was developed by Gareth Williams and his co-founders, Barry Smith and Bonamy Grimes.  They bootstrapped the development, keeping their full-time jobs until Skyscanner took off.  It turned out that what the three founders wanted from a flight search site were what many others wanted too, and Skyscanner became a word of mouth success for online users looking for cheap flights.

Skyscanner is now a global brand employing over 220 people and offers flight searches in 30 languages, with over two-thirds of its business from outside the UK.  Skyscanner is the no.1 travel search site in Europe and receives 26 million visits per month worldwide.  Its multi-award winning mobile app has been downloaded over 22m times since launching in February 2011 and has topped the free travel app category in 47 countries.

With a head office in Edinburgh, where Gareth lives with his two children, Skyscanner has offices in Singapore and more recently opened a sales office in Beijing.

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