Geoff McDonald

Geoff McDonald

Executive Director, Open Minds Health

“You are indeed the biggest champion and understand what we are doing more than many others in the company. You live it and breathe it.  To now make the knowledge  available  to  many  others,  and  hopefully create the momentum for biggest change is a very noble cause.  Thanks for doing that.  Purpose is indeed closely linked to wellness and not many people see this yet.  Again you are a pioneer here.  You will enjoy the  challenges  and  opportunities  and  you  are  well prepared  for  it.    We  will  see  each  other  still  but already thanks for all you have done for this great institution. We will benefit from it for years to come”. Paul Polman, CEO Unilever
June 2014 – on leaving Unilever

Geoff’s background in teaching, HR, marketing, communications and sustainability is considerable.  During his 25 years with Unilever (a global corporation with a turnover of £50 billion, 170,000 employees in 90 countries around the world),  his experience has been truly  global working  across Africa, the Middle-East and Turkey, Australasia and Asia, Europe and the Americas.

His HR experience has spanned leadership and talent development, organization change, capability development with particular reference to marketing, and business transformation with purpose at its core.  Early in his career he was responsible for graduate recruitment and development, talent, acquisitions and development across Unilever’s emerging markets.  Under his leadership he developed Unilever’s global talent and leadership centre of expertise.  More recently he devoted his time, energy and effort to leading ground-breaking work where the HR function has played a central role in transforming Unilever’s business model with purpose at its core.

Today Geoff is very much sought after as a speaker, inspiring and provoking organizations to put purpose and wellbeing at the centre of everything they do.  His experience in Unilever, under the pupilage of Paul Polman, allows him to provide very practical insights and to speak on how to go about truly embedding PURPOSE and address the taboo associated with wellbeing (particularly mental health) within a large global multi-national organization. With this experience comes some real learning on what may or may not work.  He recently had the opportunity to engage with Pope Francis on how we create a more sustainable and inclusive economy through his work with the Global Foundation.

He has spoken at Cambridge, Oxford, Bologna, Warwick Universities as well as  at  corporate  events  across  Australia,  Europe,  Japan,  North  America, Turkey and Eastern Europe.
Geoff is devoting a significant amount of time to consulting to organizations, helping  them  define  and  embed  Purpose  as  a  driver  of  growth  and profitability.  He was recently appointed as Strategic Advisor to the global PR and communications firm Burson-Marsteller in the area of Corporate Purpose and Organization Change.   He too consults on how to address the stigma linked to depression and anxiety in the workplace, with a particular emphasis on raising awareness of these issues and providing some practical strategies as to how one might go about addressing this growing modern illness.

He is a very active campaigner for breaking the stigma associated with Mental Health in the Corporate world and has participated in a number of BBC programmes and campaigns regarding this subject, as well as writing and producing articles for the Huffington Post, the Financial Times and HR- related journals.  He previously convened a meeting at No 10 Downing Street with David Cameron and CEOs from Footsie 100 Companies to address their role and agree actions to break stigma in the corporate world.  He too provided some support to the Royal Foundation (Princes William, Harry and Kate) in their mental health campaign.

Geoff is a Co-Founder of a network called ‘[email protected]’, which has grown from 14 members to over a 1000 in two years.  Its purpose being to inspire and equip individuals to break the stigma of mental ill health in the organizations they work in.  He is a Trustee of ‘Family Links’, a Charity promoting  and  educating  parents  and  teachers  to  develop  emotionally- healthy  children and  young adults.    He  is also a Trustee  of the global campaign  ‘It’s  a  Penalty’  combatting  the  exploitation  of  young  children around the world.   He has recently been appointed as an Advisor to the Global Mental Health Campaign and has been asked to join the Prince’s Trust Youth Opportunity Taskforce with the purpose of creating change that will unlock the potential in the UK’s youth.

Geoff is married with two girls and loves the outdoors.  He is a passionate cyclist and swimmer and has completed a number of ultra-cycling and swimming events.

Topics that Geoff speaks and advises on include:
*Bipolar World Of Business - profit and purpose

*Leadership For The New Normal

*Wellbeing And Mental Health In Corporates - how to break the stigma and put wellbeing at the centre of how you grow your business, attract and retain talent

*HR’s Role In Embedding Purpose - within an organization the size, scale and complexity of Unilever

*The Unilever Story - of purpose driving growth and profitability

*The Challenge Facing Educators And Young People - in preparing pupils/students/themselves to achieve their employment ambitions in a very competitive world - how to meet this challenge

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