Katya Kolesnik

Katya Kolesnik

Senior Brand Manager – Courvoisier & Mixables, Maxxium

Katya is a senior marketer with experience in the drinks industry in mature and emerging markets. Having started her marketing career in 2006 at IMS Marketing in Moscow, she now manages Courvoisier, UK’s largest cognac brand and Mixables (Sourz, Midori) for Maxxium UK. During her time in Russia, Katya led several beer brands: Sol, Bavaria, Warsteiner and spirits brands: Brugal rum, Highland Park, The Famous Grouse whisky. She was responsible for growing The Famous Grouse from No.6 to become the 4th largest standard scotch brand in Russia, despite “dark market” restrictions. Katya is passionate about the drinks industry and inspires those around her to explore this vibrant industry. In her spare time, she is an avid runner and recently completed the London Marathon.

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