City Guides: A tailored Trip Advisor for our members

City Guides: A tailored Trip Advisor for our members

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We’re compiling a tailored version of Trip Advisor for Marketing Society members.

‘City Guides’ is a resource for members travelling to a new place on business – a way of sharing insider tips in order to make the most of a city.

And as we get more global, so do our members.

With that in mind we need your help. Tell us the:

  • Best hotel for business?
  • Best hotel for pleasure?
  • Best bar for celebrating?
  • Best bar for a business drink?
  • Best restaurant for business lunch?
  • Best way to spend an hour in-between meetings?
  • Best restaurant for dinner?
  • If you only have time to one thing in my city, then do this...

Your answers can apply to any global city and so far we've had answers from members on:

London New York
Hong Kong Singapore
Edinburgh San Francisco
Cannes Miami
Glasgow Cape Town
Vienna Budapest
Portland Los Angeles
Paris San Diego
Dubai Barcelona
Beijing Istanbul

The more of a global feel the better and multiple answers for favourite cities you've visited are most welcome.

Send us your guides
Either email us your replies or tweet them to #msoccityguides.

Browse all our City Guides content here.

Author: The Marketing Society
Posted: 01 Apr 2015
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