Interview with Adam Boita

Interview with Adam Boita

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This week we meet Adam Boita, marketing controller, Pernod Ricard

What’s your golden rule?
Keep it simple.

Who has been your biggest influence?
I have a network of peers and mentors that provide me with guidance.

What is your most hated business expression?
360 degree marketing.

What’s the smartest business idea you’ve ever had?
Joining Pernod Ricard UK to work on Absolut Vodka and Malibu Rum.

Which leader do you admire most and why?
Michael Acton Smith – he is a great anticipator of trends and instinctively gets his audience in a digital world.

What’s your favourite word?

Tell us a secret
I created a product which I designed and sell globally – TanSafe

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Author: The Marketing Society
Posted: 19 May 2014
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