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Jesse Jackson at Cannes

This year’s Cannes Global Festival of Creativity was certainly not without its share of controversy. From almost the moment one arrived to savour the famous Croisette, the sense of a very different Cannes experience was palpable.  For a start, one was hard pressed to find a creative agency logo amongst the tsunami of Accenture’s, IBM’s, Oracle’s and Deloitte’s flags crowding out the beach-side cabanas. Further down the beach the usual Facebook, You Tube, Google and The Economist staked out their patches. And if you took a wander down to the more subdued harbour area, most of the boats had been hired by obscure video/tech companies. 

BT's Gavin Patterson

Interviewed by former BBC World anchor Nisha Pillai, at the Royal Horseguards near Whitehall - with one hundred Marketing Society members listening in.

Ash Banerjee on 2017

Highlights from our Collide event in Dubai, colliding creativity and business.  

Shaping the Middle East

Those that have had the privilege to do business in the Middle East know that the region is home to some of the world’s most innovative marketing and communications minds.   If couple of years ago, the region was seen as a place that follows global trends, today, without doubt, one can say that the Middle East is a place where global marketing and communications trends are being created on daily basis.   But who are the people shaping the Middle East’s fast changing marketing and communications landscape?   The list is long but one has to start from somewhere.       Hussein Dajani, Chief Operating Officer, Hug Digital

City Guides: Peter Fisk

Peter Fisk, bestselling author and founder of GeniusWorks gives us his insider tips on Dubai, Istanbul and LA.  DUBAI

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