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3 ads: Micky Tudor

Micky was one of CHI & Partners very first creative hirings in 2002, and his career spans twenty years. Over this time he has won 12 BTAA arrows, eight One Show pencils, six Cannes Lions, two Revolution Gold Awards and a D&AD pencil.  He has created iconic campaigns for brands as diverse as Heineken, Tango, Weetabix, The Times, Anchor, Lexus, TalkTalk, Samsung, and Reebok. He is joint executive creative director at CHI & Partners with Yan Elliot. Micky's choices Miller "Evil beaver" Beginning January 12, 1997, a series of surreal Miller Lite ads, purportedly made by a man named "Dick", began to air. They were hallmarked as such either at the beginning or the end of the commercial. The series of "Dick" commercials was directed by Gerald Casale of the new wave band Devo.

Gay for pay

As we come to the end of Pride month in the UK, I’m getting rainbow-ready for the grand finale of celebrations with the annual Pride Parade through central London on 7 July.  I remember last year’s parade, as we strolled through Regent Street and lots of brands on the procession route had rainbow-ed up their logos and shop fronts. A few of my friends dismissively hissed “they’re just doing gay for pay” - brands buying into a trend, for commercial gain. If they thought that last year, you can imagine what they’re saying this year. I don't have the numbers, however anecdotally, I sense that more brands have jumped aboard the gay train this year. London certainly is awash with rainbow flags: I’ve never seen so many logos and shop fronts resplendent in all the colours of the rainbow.

The talent hotbed

Over the past three months, I have been going slightly mad trying to recruit five new people into my team. This is good news: Havas is growing fast, and that means we need (more) brilliant new talent who will help support and drive that growth. My brief, at face value, is simple enough: individuals who I believe are the best in the industry, who’ll fit into the fast-paced and demanding world of new business and marketing, and who – perhaps most importantly – don’t fit the ‘standard’ perception of what new business people are or ‘should’ be. But the challenge has been much greater than I expected it to be – and I don’t for a second think it’s because those brilliant people aren’t out there. So: why? Firstly, many recruiters seem to have suddenly conflated ‘new business’ and ‘sales’ – and are therefore putting salespeople, who I neither want nor need, forward for new business jobs. This is no slight on those candidates, but the two disciplines are fundamentally different entities.

3 great ads

After initially being told she had "no hope" by a former chief executive, Caroline went on to establish her career as a creative at Mother, where she co-created and launched FRANK, the governmental drug service for young people. Later joining BBH as deputy ECD, she has worked on major accounts such as Levi’s, Coca-Cola, Cadbury’s, Boots and Tesco. Caroline was awarded Campaign’s Best of the Best award as well as an Emmy for a project with MTV in the US. Now one half of Grey’s chief creative duo, Caroline is passionate about discovering and developing young talent, and is an active voice in the push for diversity and equality within the creative industry. Caroline's choices: VW "Bubble boy" Mike Mills directed this 2003 spot for the launch of the VW Beetle Convertible which tells the story of a young office worker longing for excitement outside of his grey, mundane and monotonous life. Each day is the same tiresome routine until he spots the new VW Beetle convertible outside of his office building and then suddenly anything is possible...

“Be bold, be you”

“Be bold, be you”, that was the take-home message from Caroline Taylor OBE, VP and CMO of IBM Global Markets last week, in an hour-long talk that had the audience engrossed. An amazing storyteller, Caroline covered topics as varied as diversity and how to stay authentic in a corporate world. For those making their way in the world of marketing, there were many reasons to be making furious notes. Caroline began her talk by noting the way in which many of those working in the field don’t recognise their own talents and are held back as a consequence, explaining “we have people who are so talented, and have great skills but don’t always have the confidence to apply them. They’ll sit quietly in meetings even when they have absolute clarity on what needs to be done.” For Caroline, drawing out the confidence of your team is paramount and one way to do this is to impress upon them the importance of “being you”.

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