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There's not long left to submit your entries for this year's Excellence Awards. So start planning today. With 24 categories to enter - from Customer Insight to Employee Engagement - this is your chance to really shine and show the industry what's best practice.

Tribal trademarks

From using ethnic patterns, colour codes, distinctive traits or names, nowadays it is not unusual for brands to tap into tribal culture to develop, market, and communicate about their goods or services. The practice – which has always existed – has especially gained visibility over the past few years with the advent of social media. On the one hand, this can be an asset for brands and advertisers, but it also comes with its downsides. Creative Culture focuses on examples that have recently hit the headlines: There’s money in the Maasai Over the past decade, many brands – from Louis Vuitton to Land Rover – have used features of Maasais cultural in their campaigns. For instance, a 2014 print advert for Land Rover featured a Maasai proverb and the image of a man wearing shoes fashioned out of tyres. Among the tribe, and throughout Eastern Africa, these shoes (known as "Ten Thousand Milers"), are often sported for their durability.

Leveraging GDPR

The introduction of GDPR in May 2018 is going to cause a significant shift in how companies carry out personalised marketing. However, for savvy marketing leaders, it represents an opportunity to significantly improve customer engagement. Those companies who are prepared, are thinking holistically, and who can demonstrate value back to their customers, are well-placed to succeed in this new world. Restricted use of Personal Data An increasing number of marketing channels use Personal Data, such as Programmatic Display and Addressable TV (and online identifiers such as cookies will be considered as Personal Data within GDPR). This type of targeted media does not always use personal data which is controlled by the advertiser, but still requires the use of personal data collected by a third party. The new regulations do not solely impose obligations on data controllers but also on data processors i.e. advertisers buying in personal data from a third party.

Consumers are your dog

Of course I’m playing on David Ogilvy’s infamous “The consumer isn't a moron. She is your wife.” quote. Why? Because three years ago, Colenso BBDO launched K9FM for Pedigree in Auckland. In case you haven’t heard of it, or heard it, K9FM is a radio station for dogs. That's right, for dogs. Sounds silly? Listen. It is anything but silly. Collenso BBDO’s creative team, including a Copywriter and two Senior Copywriters, stayed focussed to write hours of original shows like Talkies, where hosts discuss important topics like where the ball is. Canine listeners can also look forward to Fetch In The Park, a live outside broadcast from dog parks, thoughts for the day in Chew On This, and a mouth-watering list of meat cuts in Cuts Of Meat. Have a listen – sit, stay and enjoy.

Let's Talk About Spelling

Too many Copywriters can’t spell. And too many of them think that’s ok. Too many clients can’t spell either. And too many of them think that’s ok. It’s not ok. We must take care in what we do and have pride for our craft. And we must have an attention to detail that tells the reader we respect them and their time. Sloppy Copy will put a reader off. They’ll focus on the errors not the message. What a waste of everyone’s time. And before you shout something about Spellchecker as you read this, Spellchecker doesn’t catch everything. Sure, it catches your typos but it doesn’t catch a word out of place – only a sharp mind and fresh eyes can do that. So read your words over and over again, inside out and upside down, back to front, from the top – and the bottom.

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