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Innovation with purpose

Benefits of sustainable solutions for clients HH Global announced that Kevin Dunckley, HH Global’s Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, HSBC's Jonathan Drew and Hassell Studio's Slavica Habjanovic as speakers at The Marketing Society's Being Brave About Sustainable Innovation event held in Hong Kong on 26 February. The Marketing Society is an exclusive global network of 3,000 senior marketers who support the development of leading-edge thinking and promote the evidence and best practice of effective marketing.

Q&A with Vanessa Cardigan

Vanessa Cardigan is our new Hong Kong Hub Manager. She started her career at Estee Lauder, before moving to L’Oréal where she worked for seven years both in London and most recently in Hong Kong. What’s your golden rule? Always be kind as everyone is going through some sort of struggle you know nothing about. Who has been your biggest influence? My great grandmother. She was a nurse and met my great grandfather whilst caring for him during WW1. A bomb exploded near him and he lost his eyesight. They went on to marry and have one child (my grandmother). He was an intellectual and loved nothing more than his books so she would spend her days reading to him. My grandmother fondly remembers the deep love they shared and for me, she was the epitome of grace, compassion and kindness. What is your most hated business expression? ‘Let’s take this offline’. We can but the conversation will be pretty much the same…

The power of purpose

Take it from Winnie the Pooh, ‘You’re braver than you believe.’ Or if the words of A.A. Milne isn’t your thing, then perhaps you’d get more from afternoon tea with Dr Joyce Samoutou-Wong. Over a healthy serving of humble pie, you’ll learn getting over yourself is the first obstacle to being brave. You’ll also see the role passion plays in the level of bravery required to change things for the better. Hers is not the kind of, ‘we made it easier for people to shop’ type of transformation we might regularly applaud. This is bravery on acid. This is about driving through some of the most dangerous parts of Africa to help restore vision to people living in poverty.

Finding purpose

The popularity of Simon Sinek’s ‘Start With Why’ has found countless business leaders, marketers and private individuals looking for a sense of purpose and direction. Enlightened marketers realise that consumers are drawn to products and organisations that resonate with and reinforce their own values and sense of purpose. In this article, you’re going to be getting in touch with your inner source of evolutionary purpose; the guidance system that can keep you on-track today, and twenty years from today.  While researching his ground-breaking book, Exponential Organizations, angel investor Salim Ismail and his team explored businesses that were growing at an exponential rate (E.g. Airbnb, Netflix, Uber each doubled the size of their business in 2015). One of the qualities they identified that all the exponential organizations share is a “massive transformational purpose” (MTP). You may be familiar with some of these, for instance:

Inspiration from music

In the following series of articles, I want to explore creativity through the perspectives of different individuals from completely different walks of life. I will pick people from the worlds of industry, music, the arts, sport, gastronomy, architecture, politics and literature in order to find out what their beliefs and principles are when it comes to the precious commodity called creativity. In each case, I will highlight two or three aspects about their thinking that feels fresh and different and then try and apply this back to the world of business. Brian Eno is a British musician, composer, record producer, singer, writer and visual artist. He joined the rock group Roxy Music as a synthesiser player in 1971 and has subsequently collaborated with a number of famous acts including David Bowie, Grace Jones, Coldplay, U2 and Talking Heads. He was a pioneer of ‘Ambient Music’, a genre that valued tone and atmosphere above structure and rhythm.

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Why is it that marketers find it so hard to recognise and embrace the nuances of gay women? Reassuringly, today there are some queer female faces visible in mainstream media - Rita Ora, St Vincent, Cara Delevingne, Kristen Stewart, Miley Cyrus... But interestingly, these women still look, to varying degrees, ‘feminine’' writes Forever Beta's Olivia Stancombe.


Behavioural Science 2019: the past, present and future

'In the last decade, behavioural science has, without question, become mainstream. It’s now over sixteen years since Daniel Kahneman won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2002 for his work with Amos Tversky founding and developing the field of behavioural science.' By Crawford Hollingworth and Liz Barker of The Behavioural Architects.


10 things we learned from Debbie Hewitt MBE

'Many of us in our careers will have presented to a board, been grilled by some seriously fierce people and in some cases, we may get to be that director delivering the heat. Very few of us will have a career like Debbie Hewitt, a successful CEO turned “plural” non-exec Director and board chair.' Insight by Marketing Society's Alex Ricketts.