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D&AD trends

As ever, the 2018 D&AD Festival had an incredible array of fantastic creative work. However, this year the Festival organisers also gave a mic to a new breed of creative thinkers – the side hustlers. It is no secret that many creatives struggle to fully explore their passions within the current landscape of transforming agencies, and students increasingly struggle to get a foot in the door to the creative industries. This has led them to start looking for creative opportunities outside of the traditional industry model and taking some of the world’s challenges into their own hands through a ‘side hustle’.

Emotions. Part 1

Emotions have, of recent times, been the marketing hot topic, with increasing and exciting evidence that emotionally engaging communication correlates with positive impact on sales. This correlation is intuitively plausible and creatively liberating, which is why this notion is heavily embraced by marketing and agencies. Moreover, it has rapidly given rise to a whole range of new tools designed to help marketers measure the emotional impact of their communication through, for example, facial expression, biometrics or EEG. As much as we may be excited by the correlation and be naturally inclined to believe in the ‘emotion is everything’ narrative, we also know many confounding cases where “they love the ad but it is just not selling…”. Take, for example, the much-lauded Budweiser Puppies ad which ran in the 2015 SuperBowl. According to Jorn Socquet, the US VP for Marketing at A-B InBev, while everybody loved the puppies “they have zero impact on beer sales”.

Leadership learnings

Following their new appointment to regional heads of EMEA, we sit down with Tosson El-Noshokaty and Tobias Baerschneider to learn what leadership means to the leaders at the brand and marketing consultancy Prophet. Which leadership rules have you learned along the way? Tosson El-Noshokaty: Lead by listening to your people. For some reason, the elevation to leader seems to carry with it an implied obligation to talk more than anyone else in the room, when actually it should be more about surrendering the floor so you can actively listen, recognise and encourage others. You’ll learn what’s working, what’s not, where you need to offer help and where you need to deliver feedback.

The 3 c's of marketing

At the recent Under the Spotlight, Damien Mooney, head of digital wealth, APAC, Blackrock and Celina Ma, head of communications, Yew Chung International School, generously shared their experience, learnings and drivers at the entrepreneurs’ club, Metta. In a fast-paced and revealing conversation chaired by The Marketing Society’s chief executive Gemma Greaves, subjects flowed easily between big, transformational trends and personal reflections on the role of bravery in marketing and the role of marketing in supporting brave organisations. Working in a discipline that combines content, commerce and creativity, speakers agreed that marketers should embrace bravery across the spectrum if they want to remain relevant to their organisation and shine amongst a ‘sea of sameness’. And there was no turning back the tide of the ‘Cs’ as discussions also included the importance of customers, consciousness and connectivity. 

The best marketers

Under the Spotlight with Damian Mooney and Celina Ma was up close and personal and drew seasoned marketers from world-class companies as well as founders and marketers from startups - industries ranged from fin tech to lifestyle, fashion and luxury brands to energy management. The society's chief executive, Gemma Greaves asked some very direct questions and got revealing answers from the panel. Key takeaways for me that evening were the mix of bravery, humility and curiosity in successful marketing. But what keeps popping up in my head even a week later was the comment that people leave firms because of bad managers and not because of the firm.  And equally surprising is that the best leaders in marketing teams are often introverts…because they know how to motivate their team.

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