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A peak into Mauritius

2018 will see several African countries celebrating 50 years of independence. Mauritius – a former British colony – is among the list and has planned on fervently celebrating the occasion. Amid the planned celebrations, various in- and out-of-country events have and will continue to take place until the big day – 12 March. In a show of nation branding, the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority recently partnered with the BBC to develop and broadcast a series of films across all of the broadcaster’s global platforms. In addition to this, they have developed an entire website through BBC StoryWorks. The films and website aim to portray the ‘brand identity’ of the country, showing its successes and marketing it as a top destination for tourists. As a concept, nation branding consists of building, strengthening and managing a country’s reputation to help them raise their profile. It gives emerging markets the opportunity to present themselves they way they want to be seen – and not based on outdated and preconceived notions.

The Tiger Oil Memos

Twenty-five years after his company filed for bankruptcy, his office memos came to light. Here are some of the highlights MEMORANDUM DATE: January 3, 1978 TO: Secretaries FROM: Edward Mike Davis This is a business office. All correspondence and other things pertaining to this office will be typewritten. Handwriting takes much longer than a typewriter – you’re wasting your time, but more importantly, you’re wasting my time. If you don’t know how to type, you’d better learn. EDWARD MIKE DAVIS MEMORANDUM DATE: January 11, 1978 TO: All Employees FROM: Edward Mike Davis SUBJECT: Idle Conversation Idle conversation and gossip in this office among employees will result in immediate termination. Don’t talk about other people and other things in this office. DO YOUR JOB AND KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! EDWARD MIKE DAVIS

View from Pakistan

I arrive in Karachi during Pakistan’s 70th Anniversary celebrations and head down to the offices of Dawn media group founded by Jinnah (first leader of Pakistan) in 1947. My car is first checked underneath for bombs and then I go through two phases of airport style scanning before I get to the entrance. This security is typical of all the big hotels and is unchanged since my first visited eight years ago (when I started to write for Dawn). I no longer notice it. Dawn is producing a series of supplements about the history of Pakistan. On the cover, Mohammad Ali Jinnah looks every inch the sophisticated London trained lawyer. A feature on the founding fathers starts with a quote from Dickens: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness” An anglophile thread runs through Pakistani culture (more so than in India in my experience). In Lahore, my guide points out the great Irrigation system, that helps makes The Punjab into the breadbasket of the country, and says “Built by the British”.

CES 2018: Key trends

“CES is getting larger and larger simply because computing technology is infusing into our lives more and more.” Said Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang during a talk at CES 2018. And the statement pretty much captures the essence of what the world’s biggest trade show has come to be. The 51st CES in Las Vegas attracted some 170,000 attendees and over 3,900 exhibitors—although it will probably be best remembered for the major blackout that left the Las Vegas Convention Center in the dark for two hours and triggered hundreds of ironic tweets. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang gives the keynote at CES

Creating names

I have been working as a namer for two decades and in the era of digital and artificial intelligence, it is appropriate to wonder to what extent brand name creation has changed in this time. Not much… - Artificial intelligence can't do everything The idea that computers create names is still an illusion. Some apps can come up with new words by matching syllables and sounds. Ok, but machines will never replace man intelligence. Without the intuition and experience of the namer, words are nothing. - Internally managed name creation can be a perilous lottery It is tempting in our times of collaborative economy, to have your staff participate in the making of a brand name. Unfortunately, without the support of a professional, homebrewed names often end in disaster. In-house creativity sessions have the merit of creating a bond but also show how difficult it is to come up with a viable name. They involve and explain but are seldom effective.

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