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Air France upgrade

The Story Who doesn't want a free upgrade? That was the thinking behind Air France's campaign for the launch of its new business cabins in Asia. The brand wanted to give passengers the opportunity to upgrade themselves – no need to cash in airline miles or pay extra fees. It created "Cloud Slicer", the first mobile game that lets travellers compete for an instant upgrade just before boarding, turning boarding gates in Singapore and Osaka airports into gaming arenas. Between both airports, more than 400 passengers competed against each other during the 15-minute wait before boarding.

Hot air, rocky waters

There was a strange feeling in the air at Cannes this year. A certain reluctance to commit; a glance over a shoulder to see if anyone would follow; a perpetual feeling of change, whether for the better or worse. Cannes Lions is a celebration of creativity, a rosé fuelled networking session that brings together some of the most brilliant and varied minds in lively discussion and fierce debate. The creativity was there in the brilliant work that channelled the power of data, the simplicity of print and the complexity of social. Fearless Girl came out on top with four Grands Prix, sparking up a debate over whether advertising should have, or needs to have, a higher purpose; Meet Graham’s creative use of data highlighted road safety in a unique and thought-provoking light; and Twitter’s powerful, unbranded hashtag, adorned the more poignant images of the last year, a reminder that they are the brand who first helped us to collect conversations.

‘Strange Foreigners’

Dentsu and Google’s Creative Team, The Zoo, have been collaborating and learning about each other’s culture for five years. Joe Fry of The Zoo and Yasuharu Sasaki of Dentsu Inc., appeared on the YouTube Beach stage at Cannes 2017 to explain the value of ‘strange foreigners’ in enhancing creativity. Five years ago, The Zoo, Google’s in-house Creative Team, and Dentsu began a long-term collaboration. The goal of this project was to try and foster a deeper understanding of each other’s culture and working methods, with the early stages given over to training, workshops and an exchange program that saw Dentsu team members spending three months at the Zoo in New York. The Zoo’s purpose within Google is to help partner agencies and brands innovate using new technology and data, so after this period of acclimatisation, the time came to put the collaboration to the test and work side by side on a campaign.

Belonging on Airbnb

The Story Airbnb has more than 1M accommodation listings in more than 190 countries, making it larger than any hotel chain. But some travellers continue to feel uncomfortable about staying in another person's home. To earn the trust of first-time users and demonstrate the popularity of staying in an Airbnb property, the company created a real-time data visualisation of its global activity for the Airbnb website. Users can explore the map and zoom in on interesting Airbnb stories through iconic landmarks and playful animations. Airbnb created an interactive WebGL website to show how active the company is at any given moment.

Shine light on racism

In a world so culturally diverse, racism has never been so uncalled for, yet it continues to be a massive issue around the world. A museum in Paris recently decided that enough is enough and, in incredibly creative fashion, used experiential marketing to denounce racism in the run up to the French election. The Musée de l’homme, an anthropology museum, created its first ever year-long exhibition named ‘Us and Them: from prejudice to racism’. It placed a unique photo booth in the middle of the museum, and invited passers-by to take a picture with someone else.

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Unique experience shines light on racism

In a world so culturally diverse, racism has never been so uncalled for, yet it continues to be a massive issue around the world.


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