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Inspiring Minds with Dave King

There isn’t a more perfect venue for an Inspiring Minds session than The Lighthouse in Glasgow- just off the Style Mile, this creative beacon has climbing escalators, exposed walls covered in inspiring art and views of the city – a fitting setting to hear from StudioLR’s Design Director, Dave King.  Frame’s Keli Mitchell introduced us to Dave’s back catalogue of awesomeness. Working with clients like The National Trust for Scotland and Volvo Construction Equipment, winning copious awards such as the Marketing Society’s Rising Creative Star award, a D&AD, Scottish Design Awards and the Nods. On top of all of this, Dave delivered D&AD’s Bravery ‘masterclass’ which we were lucky enough to get a snippet of at this Inspiring Minds session. So what does being ‘brave’ mean? Well first of, it doesn’t mean being fearless. Being brave is that ‘Oh I’ve felt it but now I’m actually going to do it’, a skill and discipline that you/anyone can learn if you so wish.   Dave shared 3 elements of being brave to help us break out of our comfort zone and create more effective work. These are:

Future Leaders with Wire

The Marketing Society Scotland’s Future Leaders assembled at the Glasgow office of Wire to hear from the company’s founders, Pam Scobbie and Lee Beattie. In the last seven years, Pam and Lee have built an award-winning, creative marketing and digital agency, which prides itself on creating clever, creative and “famous” campaigns. As the agency has grown, the pair have leaned into their “superpowers”, with Pam taking charge of the creative direction of the business, and Lee leading on strategy and culture. As a result, the agency has developed a strong reputation in all three areas, and have developed award-winning campaigns for their clients, which include Whyte & Mackay, Tennent’s, Magners and DF Concerts. As creative director, Pam, who was named the PRCA’s Industry Leader of the Year in 2016, makes sure everything which leaves the agency is “unforgettable”, mentors the creative team and oversees the creative strategy for every brief. 

Industry Insights with Brand Scotland Review by Lisl MacDonald

Cat Leaver, the Director of Brand Scotland, collaborates with several government departments. The hugely successful “Scotland is open. Scotland is now.” advert shows they value bold creative work. It’s not an easy task, but the group have hit their stride. Check it out at We enjoyed an informative presentation from Cat, who then introduced: John Booth, Director of Corporate Affairs and Marketing, Scottish Enterprise Government; Dr. Keith Dinnie, Head of Management and Marketing at the University of Dundee Business School; and Andrew Burnett, founder of Helleau. They represent some of the stakeholders and specialists called on to gather insights and ideas. Together they craft strategy and develop campaigns targeting both people and organisations who are already based in Scotland, and others outside our borders. 

Interview with Dave King, Design Director, Studio LR

What are the biggest challenges you face in your role as Design Director for StudioLR? For me, the toughest challenge is balancing my time. I try to constantly remember where I add the most value and focus on that – but it’s difficult day-to-day not to get involved in every aspect of everything that’s coming through the studio. I write a lot of lists. On the work itself, one of the recurring challenges is maintaining the level of bravery that a client starts out with. Almost every project starts out with a big ambition but it can get chipped away at over time – tiny compromises add up and I think it’s really important to fly the flag for brave work. The audience never get to see the process or the thinking behind an idea – they only see what we put out in the end. So it has to be sharp.  How do you think the quality of UK's Marketing Industry compares globally?

Digital Day 2019 Review

The day had been in the Dentsu Aegis Strategy team’s diary for some time – Les Binet was arriving on Scotland’s fair shores. By We’ve long talked about getting his and Peter Field’s photos strewn up around the office, so it would be rude not to make the trip West to welcome him. Plus, the Marketing Society’s Digital Day is one of the good ‘uns – they tend to pinpoint some of the more talked about digital issues and line up speakers with a justified point of view. This year was no different.

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Join us for Inspiring Minds with Dave King from Studio LR who will deliver a session on bravery in mark

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