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Last Tuesday, we enjoyed soaking up nuggets of wisdom over beers on the boat at Leith Barge. The theme of the session was young people: how and why they make us better at our jobs.  Take the lead from young people For Claire Wood (Leith), young people hold the answer to how people think. It is no secret that young people are adept at finding out the very latest thing, embracing it and making it part of their lives. Understanding how they go about doing this is useful, so that we as marketers can replicate their method of discovery and anticipate trends. Prototype Charlotte Gross (National Theatre of Scotland) and Gavin Bell (Blue Cliff Media) gave us an insight into the brilliant benefits of the ‘apprenticeship model’ or ‘learn by doing’. Just doing relieves your ‘entrepreneurial symptoms’ and makes you better. Prototyping gets you to constantly evolve, try out new things and not rest on your laurels. 

Q&A with Keli Mitchell

Keli is Deputy MD at Frame, an 80-strong award-winning creative agency based in Glasgow. Frame specialises in advertising, design, digital, PR and media, and is the only integrated agency of its kind in the country. Keli's experience is impressive, with 20+ years in strategic development and account direction across a large portfolio of brands including Subway Sandwiches, Bulmers Cider, Irn-Bru, Orangina, Honda, RBS, intu and many more. Keli was nominated as Scotland’s Agency Star of the Year in 2016 and most recently as a finalist in the UK-wide IPA / Campaign Women of Tomorrow Awards in 2018. She lives in Glasgow with her husband and her two girls, her daughter Matilda and her kitten, Mabel. We caught up with Keli prior to her appearance in our annual Badger Debate at Amplify on August 24.   You’ve worked for Frame for the past 16 years. Where does your love of marketing come from? 

Q&A: Hew Bruce-Gardyne

A recognised thought leader in data analytics and modelling, Hew has spent the majority of his career finding new and innovative ways of making data analytics transformative for businesses that span industries.  As principal analyst at Sumerian, a provider of big data analytics for retail and investment banks, Hew was responsible for optimisation modelling and analysis for big-name financial clients across the globe. He was also the CTO and Head of IT Analytics for Registers of Scotland, a department within the Scottish Government that maintains records related to land, property and other legal documents. We are looking forward to hearing from Hew at this year’s Digital Day. You launched TVSquared in 2012. What’s it all about and who should be using it? We created TVSquared six years ago after learning that TV advertising, a $212 billion global industry, had no accurate, timely way to measure and optimize campaign performance. Having worked for years in the financial services space, which has pioneered and embraced the use of big data for decision-making, I found this to be shocking. 

Q&A: Ellie Norman

In 2004 Ellie joined Honda Motor Europe as Communications Manager. Accolades include ‘Impossible Dream’ TV ad and winning ‘Advertiser of the Decade’ 2012 The Arrows.    In September 2012 Ellie joined Virgin Media as Head of Advertising. January 2014 Ellie’s role was expanded to develop and lead the strategy and implementation of Sponsorship with an emphasis on strategically relevant partnerships, including Southampton Football Club, Football Supporters Federation, BAFTA TV and EGX.    Ellie joined Formula 1 in the summer of 2017 as the companies first ever Director of Marketing to lead the sport as it grows its fan base and attracts a new younger audience. This includes a new identity for the sport after 24 years and a focus on fan engagement.   We’re really looking forward to hearing from Ellie at this year’s Digital Day.    

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