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Inspiring Minds with Thomas Barta

I was delighted when the Marketing Society got in touch to ask if Whitespace would host the first event in the 2019 Inspiring Minds series with Thomas Barta. Having gained extensive insight from conducting the largest research study of over 8,600 leaders worldwide, I was eager to hear him share his thoughts on how I could become a braver marketing leader!  Marketing a creative agency is surprisingly challenging but I’m lucky enough to have a team of talented people to lead and Thomas opened the event by reminding us that great marketers are great change leaders.  A good marketer will have a broad skill set but a successful marketing leader is one that can create long term value by increasing the overlap between the needs of their customers, and their company.  

Q&A with Nikki Simpson, Founder & Director of the International Magazine Centre

Nikki Simpson is the Founder and Director of the International Magazine Centre. Passionate about magazines and publishing, Nikki has worked in the industry since 2006. She was Business Manager at PPA Scotland for five years – the membership organisation supporting magazine publishers – before she launched the initiative to open an International Magazine Centre in Scotland.  Previously Nikki worked at political magazine publishers Holyrood Communications as their Marketing Manager; at the magazine publisher and content marketing company White Light Media as their Business Manager; and as the Regional Director of IoIC Scotland, the trade body representing the internal communications industry. She has also held roles with the Scottish Print Employers Federation, Scottish Newspaper Publishers Association and the Scottish Daily Newspaper Society. Hi Nikki, can you tell us a bit about the International Magazine Centre? The International Magazine Centre is a hub for the international magazine community and its affiliated industries of marketing, advertising, design, photography, journalism, data, events, illustration and more. 

Q&A with Ben Black

Ben is a Senior Content Producer at Sunshine Communications. He has years of experience in social media and content production, working with brands like Brewgooder and When In Rome Wine. Before joining Sunshine, Ben ran the social channels in house for a few companies in Edinburgh, then decided to start his own company called Get Give Creative, which offered social media support and consulting. What’s your golden rule? Always take someone up on a coffee.  Who has been your biggest influence? From friends and family, my uncle definitely set me on the path of working the media and marketing environment. My pal Alan Mahon is also doing incredible things so they both are right up there. Otherwise, I've learned a lot from reading Seth Godin and Dale Carnegie and they have had a massive influence on the way I approach marketing. What is your most hated business expression?

Q&A with John Booth

We caught up with John Booth, Director of Corporate Affairs and Marketing at Scottish Enterprise, ahead of the Inspiring Women in Business Conference. Tell us a bit about our partner event, the Inspiring Women in Business Conference and the session you’ll be chairing?

Insights with Edrington-Beam Suntory

As a commercials producer, I relish the opportunity to attend Marketing Society events as it gives me an insight into the planning, research and development stages of a campaign which, further down the line (normally via an agency), may turn up on my desk in the form of a script.  Edrington-Beam Suntory hosted an Industry Insights event at their head office in Glasgow and on arrival guests were provided with a beautifully mixed cocktail - as you’d expect from a group holding a world class portfolio of premium spirits. Gareth Brown, EBS UK Marketing Director, opened the event by welcoming guests and introducing the group, its brands and history. 

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Join us for a relaxed, candid conversation between two of our industry's fi

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Dear male allies. By Elle Graham-Dixon.

A memo to the many wonderful male allies supporting us on International Women’s day. Thank you for your support. It can be hard to speak out about feminism as a man. Hard, in particular to feel as though you have the right. So sometimes you may accidentally say things that don’t help because, well, no one is perfect. Because I know you truly care, I hope that you’ll appreciate some gentle feedback.


IWD 2019: thoughts from the women in our network

This year, to celebrate International Women's Day 2019, we went to our network to ask them one question: Two years on from #metoo, and with recent reports showing the significant gender pay gap, what do you think we can do as an industry and individuals to move the conversation forward and make change quicker?


Imposter syndrome and how to deal with it

Congratulations!  You've just been promoted / picked up an award / won a big pitch but instead of giving yourself a well deserved pat on the back, you cannot shake the creeping fear that Toto is going to pull back the curtain and expose you for what you really are…a fraud - and sooner or later everyone’s going to find out, writes Tanya Livesy.

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