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Mark Ritson: craft beer

One of the great transformational experiences of my lifetime has been drinking beer in American bars. As a man who spent more of his 20s in America (and mostly in bars) than in the UK there is no-one who can testify better to just how disappointing American beer once was. Somehow Americans, and me along with them, accepted the idea that the variants offered by Budweiser, Miller and (if you really wanted to push the boat out) Coors were enough to satiate all your drinking needs. And then it all started to change. Tiny independent brewers began to spring up all over the USA. They started brewing distinctive, beautiful ales of every possible variation and inclination. These beers first appeared around the periphery of American liquor stores and independent beer shops. Then they started to pick up distribution in local bars. American palates that had been raised on watery, indistinct, mass-produced tedium suddenly started to get a taste of local, diverse, fresh, brilliantly made beer – and they liked it.

The creative instinct

During such a fragmented time in the industry I imagine clients must find it difficult to know who to trust and who they can rely on. With a fleet of new agencies year on year and traditional agency talent moving faster than they change their underwear, it’s no wonder brand managers are longing for a bit of certainty from their “partners.”

Awards highlights

From Just Eat's Barnaby Dawe winning Marketing Leader of the Year and Treasury Wines' Bo Jakubenko winning Young Leader of the Year to #JointheHerd taking the Grand Prix, it was a wonderful night. Enjoy the highlights and our 2018 Awards programme begins again in September 2017 on

Leader you want to be

What kind of leader am I? More importantly, what kind of leader do I want to be?  These are the questions that I grapple with, resulting in many navel gazing moments.  And now more than ever, I feel comfortable in my own skin, with my own style and with a greater understanding of my own purpose. This is my main takeaway from the International Marketing Leaders Programme.  This course touched on many of the issues which today’s leaders’ face – leadership authenticity, self and organisational purpose, resilience, presence and finally those self-limiting beliefs that stop many of us from progressing to our potential. The combination of lectures by senior leaders, along with one-to-one coaching sessions, team exercises with fellow participants make this a truly special and engaging programme.   


It’s a week later.  The dust has settled and it’s a good time to think about what happened in the election. Let’s imagine it as a marketing contest and see what lessons we can draw.  Of course in this contest Jeremy Corbyn would be the man on the podium collecting the effectiveness award. His campaign saw the most significant increase in market share and the biggest jump in brand consideration. And that should excite all of us. In a world of increasing complexity and transience he kept things simple, and followed some old but important rules. Sure Labour used some clever social media tactics, but they weren’t the killer move.  Despite what the marketing press will tell you! Jeremy did something much more substantial and more decisive and he did it everywhere he went - on the streets, in front of the cameras and on social media. Jeremy built a crowd.   An audience of fiercely loyal supporters. And with a loyal crowd behind you, you can do anything.

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