The Marketing Society Coffeehouse

The Marketing Society Coffeehouse

Our digital platform for Connections and Conversations

The Marketing Society 'Coffeehouse' is a place for Members across the world to connect, chat, debate, share and be inspired. 

The exclusive virtual space, hosted on Guild, is for any of our Members who would like to share ideas, knowledge and thought-provoking content, get feedback from the group and make connections. Below are just some of the benefits of being an active participant of the community:


You’ll instantly be a part of our global community of like-minded members - senior marketers with a shared passion for marketing. Take advantage of the 'Connect' and Direct Messages functions to build your connections with fellow members.


You’ll be able to discover what Society events are coming up as well as the community’s hot topics and discussions. Furthermore, use Guild’s ‘Discover’ function to join other groups, outside of the Coffeehouse, for more niche interests and specialisms.


Share your knowledge with peers, share what you have read or learned recently and share any challenges you’re currently experiencing. You’re able to add to existing threads of conversation or use the ‘New Conversation’ function to start a fresh one.

We hand-pick content from our community to be discussed and debated in the Coffeehouse. See our content guidelines here for details on how to get involved. 

Download the PDF below for all the information on our Coffeehouse, including the benefits for your business, guidelines and more. If you are a member of The Marketing Society, this is your space to talk about what matters to you, ask for help, advice and perspectives. Click here to join. Remember to also download the app to keep connected on the go (just search 'Guild' in your device app store).