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Google's Matt Brittin

On 6th April, our Dubai office hosted breakfast with Matt Brittin, president EMEA operations and management, Google. Here are some of the highlights:

Meet Njoud Al Shammari

Did you know that fashion and beauty content on YouTube spikes during Ramadan? On YouTube, watch time for this category increases by more than 10% during Ramadan. But the really interesting insight is the level of engagement and interaction. Average comments and likes increase by approximately 50% during Ramadan and then continue to increase through the rest of the year, according to Google data. These engagement levels are sustained after Ramadan, which goes to show that Ramadan is a period of discovery. If a brand builds user engagement during this period, its users are likely to stick with it long after.2. Creator spotlight: meet Njoud Al Shammari For content creators like Njoud Al Shammari, a 21-year old Saudi lifestyle and comedy vlogger with 1.2 million viewers, Ramadan is a key period to connect with an engaged audience. She is the first Saudi female creator to cross a million subscribers with videos that range from comedy and makeup tips to funny tutorials.

When disaster strikes

As people, while we often strive for it, we can never be perfect all the time. So brands that rely on people and technology in delivering an experience are from time to time going to get it wrong. Often it affects just a few but then sometimes things go really bad and it becomes headline news. We’re all used to experiences with a brand not being up to scratch, due to human error, tech fail or something occurring beyond anyone’s control. But even in these times, it’s when a brand can take a moment to bring a little delight or moment of lightheartedness into a customer’s day-to-day, or be able to escalate with immediate response that really makes the difference. At the small end of things, many will be used to busy cafes that at their peak times have lines out the door, their service struggling to keep up. This is offset by pass-rounds of food for customers to try - turning annoyance into a moment of delight and understanding.

Collide: human v tech

In the second edition of our 'Collide' series we examined the evolution of brands in a world of digital disruption - where should they focus and how should they evolve?  The thought-provoking discussion was led by a panel of marketing leaders from brands which represent the state-of-the-art of brand thinking across various industry sectors confronting this challenge. The session included Franck Boissinot, Vice President Marketing and Digital, Carrefour; Lino Cattaruzzi, Regional Director MENA, Google; Christian Andersen, Director, Portfolio Marketing, MENA, IBM and Tom Warden, Senior Strategist, Siegel + Gale.In the second edition of our 'Collide' series we examined the evolution of brands in a world of digital disruption - where should they focus and how should they evolve? 

IBM’s Stuart Small

IBM, a Founding Member of the Dubai Chapter of The Marketing Society, recently hosted a breakfast session that featured some thoughtful insights from Stuart Small, Vice President for EMEA Sales at Silverpop, an IBM company.  A career marketer known for his analytical skills, Small focused his talk on the current state of the market as well as on identifying the seven key major trends that are to force marketers to think differently within the next five years. Facing what he called “the Tinder-ization of society”, the key trends he forecasted that will impact both consumers and marketers alike included:

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