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The Future 100: 2019

The Innovation Group presents The Future 100: Trends and Change to Watch in 2019, our snapshot of the year ahead and the most compelling trends to keep on the radar. After a rollercoaster year of political, environmental and economic change, brands and consumers are taking a deep breath. Brands are assuming a more meaningful role in consumers’ lives, becoming civic leaders, advocates, even therapists, driving dialogue change and stepping in to solve world problems. Consumer appetite for wellbeing, stress management and health is prompting a continued evolution of new products and services to help soothe unstable, constantly connected lifestyles. Against this backdrop of empowerment and wellness, technology’s reach is being re-examined, making way for an increased focus on ethics and privacy. The Future 100 charts 10 emerging trends across 10 sectors, spanning marketing, culture, travel and more. Highlights include: Culture: Instagram backlash. Brands and consumers are starting to push back on what has become a cynical culture of visually novel experiences designed expressly to inspire sharing

Inspired Leader Podcasts

The Inspired Leader podcast series shares interviews with people from many fascinating walks of life, exploring what we can learn from the ways they discover and maintain their personal inspiration as leaders. So far, for this series, Andy has interviewed: Commodore Jerry Kyd, commanding officer of HMS Queen Elizabeth Pip Jamieson, founder of The Dots British politician and leader of the Liberal Democrats, Sir Vince Cable MP British business woman Martha Lane Fox CBE, also known as Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho English actor, writer and comedian Neil Mullarkey. We release these in batches each month, so please do feedback to us. We're keen to hear if you like this series and want to hear more. You can listen to the podcasts via SoundCloud below, or alternatively subscribe to the series on iTunes. Ben Ainslie 

Dutch company €44.9m sales

Launched to raise awareness of slavery and child labour in the cocoa industry, Tony's Chocolonely has reached €44.9m in annual revenue and is now the market leading brand in the Netherlands. It's also hit this milestone without a single piece of paid advertising. How has it done this? And what can we learn?   1. CHANGE THE CRITERIA FOR CHOICE

City Guides: Helsinki

Arguably one of Europe’s most relaxed and coolly-understated capitals, Helsinki boasts a world-famous art and design scene and a blend of cutting-edge urban space and carefully preserved, traditionally Finnish architecture. There's no shortage of beautiful buildings and sites of historical interest – the Cathedral, the Sibelius Monument, and Suomenlinna, the island ‘fortress of Finland’ among them. But what makes Helsinki so special is its quirky character and commitment to remaining idiosyncratically Finnish – even as it embraces other global influences. Here are our insider tips for Helsinki, Finland. The Finnish Sauna The Finns are serious about their saunas.

When in China...

Here’s a few tips I put together based on my experiences in China earlier this year  – hopefully really useful if you’re visiting any time soon! Also, absolutely loved this Lonely Planet China book, really useful and practical tips and has a short overview of a lot of top places and it’s all in colour. Technology With such a huge growth in technology in China over the past few years, it’s no wonder that the whole population has grown to rely on it, possible more than us in the west. In public spaces you’ll find wifi and phones chargers, so people never lose touch with their virtual worlds…

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Accepting neurodiversity requires great generosity

'Perhaps you are sitting at your desk with a strong cup of tea, you’ve finally found 5 minutes for yourself. A moment to reflect and think about the office environment and the team’s neurological differences,' writes Tribal Worldwide's Jade Tomlin.


Use direct response copywriting to start selling more stuff, now

Having just read a book on how to improve your persuasive copywriting skills, I’m now supposed to write an entertaining, informative review that will have all you Marketing Society members clicking through to read it. No pressure then? Giles Lury reviews Glenn Fisher's new book.

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Convenience v security: why no one should have to put their keys in the freezer!

'Are we jeopardising our personal security just to make our lives more convenient? I recently had my car stolen by someone who was seemingly able to hack their way into it.' A cautionary tale from Your Favourite Story's Rachel Faber.