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With over 4.8 million subscribers, Noor is now the top subscribed YouTube creator in the Arab world! Since creating her channel back in 2014, Noor has garnered over 557 million views (and an average of 1 million views per video!) mostly from an audience of young women from all around the region. Given her audience, she creates lighthearted family-friendly content through which she can connect with her audience. Over the years Noor has built a loyal #NoorFam fan base that extends to her actual family with her sister Banen Stars also being among the top followed female-led YouTube creators in the region. Brands play an important role in the growth of the YouTube creator ecosystem, there is an array of creative product integrations, collaboration videos, product tutorials, and more formats that have been made possible due to the ongoing partnership between brands and creators.Creators work with brands as influencers, spokespeople, and creatives. Creators often handle everything from constructing the storyboard, to filming and editing, and promoting the content.

Advertising in Saudi

All markets have their own challenges when it comes to advertising and marketing. Some will be regulatory, others religious, cultural or even linguistic. In Saudi Arabia, international brands need to toe the line very carefully, in order to pass successfully through strict advertising checks. Creative Culture takes a look at a series of adverts that succeeded in the Saudi market, and why.

The power of myths

Every year on August 1st, Switzerland celebrates its mythical national birthday. The celebration goes back to the year 1291, when three peasants from Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden (the founding cantons of Switzerland) swore to each other to defend themselves against all “foreign shire-reeves”. The reason for this defensiveness and segregation was the House of Habsburg who at that time occupied and terrorised a larger part of what, step by step, became Swiss territory. Nobody knows if these three “comrades by oath” really existed. In fact, the founding story of the “Swiss Confederation” (official denomination) was largely invented towards the end of the 19th century by the government of Bern to find a reason for celebrating 700 years of Bern, and 600 years of Switzerland. Nevertheless, segregation remained one of the major guiding ideas of this country, particularly in the eyes of self-appointed Swiss patriots.

Banks and Iron Man

For five years between 1996 and 2001, Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr struggled with substance abuse, was in and out of prison, spent time in rehab, was sacked from Ally McBeal and denied a lead role in a hit Woody Allen movie as a result of being uninsurable. Now clean and sober, he was Forbes’ highest-paid actor in the world three years running, last year netting an estimated £51 million. With such evidence that leopards can, indeed, change their spots, is the UK’s banking sector undergoing its own, similar, transformation?

Brains and humour

Employing an emotional narrative to convey a social message has become a go-to strategy for brands hoping to win over the hearts and minds of viewers. We need only look at this year’s Cannes Lions awards to see this in action. Winners including Ariel’s #SHARETHELOAD and The Humanium Metal Initiative in particular, moved audiences with their touching narratives and clear intentions for social good. This kind of emotional content is highly effective at building a connection with viewers, but brands should not forget that humour offers an alternative way to elicit a strong emotional connection. Encouraging viewers to crack a smile may be a more light-hearted approach, but it can pack just as much of a punch as a more serious emotional strategy.

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