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Baby strollers test ride

The problem with shopping for strollers is that babies cannot talk and tell you what they like. Contours created adult sized strollers to allow parents to take a test drive to demonstrate the comfort and features before buying

Under Armour and women

The first African American to be named as principal ballerina, Misty Copeland is a great ambassador for a brand looking to celebrate the accomplishments of women in sport and dance. She stars in Under Armour’s Unlike Any campaign, which pairs five women with spoken word artists to tell their story. Also featuring are actress and Taekwondo Black Belt, Zoe Lanxin. Stunt woman Jessie Graff, Harlem Run founder Alison Desir and World Champion sprinter Natasha Hastings, make up the five. While the films are the centrepoint of the campaign, over 110 unique assets for social have been created which highlight products and technologies in Under Armour’s FW17 collection.

Blurring ‘wellness’ brands

There was a time when health & wellness used to be mean the opposite of partying & fun. Good vs naughty, self-restraint vs self-indulgence. You couldn’t imagine two more different worlds or mindsets – until now. Increasingly, we are seeing brands comfortably straddling these seemingly contrasting spaces. North American yoga & sportswear brand Lululemon has brought out several limited edition craft beers under suitably Zen names such as Courageous Blonde and Curiosity Lager. A collaboration with a local brewery (naturally!), they were launched at Lululemon’s yoga and music SeaWheeze Sunset Festival in Vancouver.   Lululemon may be the first global sports brand to venture into alcohol, but the fusion of beer and yoga is in fact well underway. From Berlin’s BierYoga  that incorporates mindful boozing into the stretches and poses, to yoga schools partnering with microbreweries  - bringing the two together turns exercise classes into social occasions, and in doing so helps build a community.   

Marketing Society NYC

Having been the UK's most influential network of senior marketers since 1959 and, expanding successfully into Hong Kong in 2014, Singapore in 2015 and Dubai in 2016, we're now setting our sights on New York, with the launch of our first hub in the States. Our mission has always been to inspire bolder marketing leadership and, working out of New York, the aim is to become the place for discerning senior marketers to learn, develop and share best practice, mirroring that of our brilliant networks in the UK, Asia and the Middle East. With a programme of exclusive world-class events, our prestigious Marketing Leaders Programme, our online Clubhouse and our quarterly journal, Market Leader - we aim to inspire and challenge wherever we go.

It’s A Mud World

It’s just before midnight on a Saturday in April, and hundreds of men and women in workout gear and runners’ headlamps are standing in the middle of an open field in Fairburn, Georgia, about 20 miles southwest of downtown Atlanta. Despite the hour, they’re totally wired, shaking out their limbs and bobbing nervously in place. One guy has a pink mohawk. Another looks like an ex-marine. A group of young women in Lycra shorts and tank tops gives off a more corporate vibe. What unites them is a shared desire to complete an eight-hour obstacle race, produced by the Brooklyn-based company Tough Mudder. The Toughest Mudder, as this event is called, kicks off at midnight and involves gleefully sadistic challenges such as the Augustus Gloop (in which competitors have to climb up a plastic shaft as water pours down) and Electroshock Therapy (where participants run through a gauntlet of dangling electric wires). Also, there’s mud. Twenty-five-hundred acres of it.

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