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Moj Mahdara Q&A

On May 20, beauty fans descended on Brooklyn Cruise Terminal for Beautycon. The one-day-only festival combines experience culture, influencer meet-and-greets, beauty tutorials and product samples for today’s buzziest consumer-facing beauty event. Now in its fourth year, Beautycon NYC has grown to include three times as many brands as last year. Panels and meet-and-greets offered a stacked roster of celebrities that included YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous, Gabrielle Union, Drew Barrymore, the founders of January’s Women’s March and more. Beautycon festivals have proved irresistible to generation Z and millennial beauty fanatics, a highly-sought-after yet fickle demographic. They are even shaping the way a new generation shops: According to a new survey from Beautycon and Trendalytics, 12% of 13- to 18-year-old beauty junkies said festivals were their most important source of information when looking for new products.

CMO insights: NYC

On 22 May The Marketing Society partnered with Gain Theory to host an inaugural dinner in New York, following a successful CMO lunch during Advertising Week last year. Our goal was twofold: to understand the value that The Marketing Society could bring to the senior marketer community in the US and discuss findings from a recent piece of CMO research into marketing effectiveness. ‘Marketing can be a route to leadership, but it’s rare. Marketing can sometimes be perceived as a back room function’ With this quote from a senior US marketer we are reminded of the very real need for the joint mission of The Marketing Society and Gain Theory global partnership. We are collaborating to empower marketers to be braver, bolder, faster and smarter, which is crucial given that marketing leaders feel they are a long way from reaching their full potential.

Q&A with Heal founders

Remember when doctors made house calls? Most people don’t—that golden age of unhurried, one-to-one medical care has receded into the realm of nostalgia. In 1930, around 40% of physician encounters in the US happened this way, but by 1980 house calls had all but ceased. Today, at a time when we can summon anything on a smartphone—a car, a Pad Thai, a hair stylist—shouldn’t we also be able to have doctors come to us? The health startup and technology platform Heal has gone a long way toward making house calls a reality again. Having raised over $52 million in funding, Heal is now expanding from California into Florida, Texas, New York and Pennsylvania.

Al Gore in conversation

Former Vice President Al Gore sat down with Empire Editor-in-Chief Terri White on March 23 to discuss An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power, which premiered in late January at the Sundance Film Festival.   Set to release later this year, a decade after the two-time Academy Award–winning landmark documentary An Inconvenient Truth was released, the new film follows Gore as he continues his decades long fight to build a more sustainable future for our planet, showing us both the escalations of the crisis and the real solutions we have close at hand.  

Black millennials

Black millennials—a highly engaged demographic on YouTube—want to see more inclusive advertising. This Black History Month, we asked five of the top #YouTubeBlack creators how brands can do better. Black millennials have more than doubled their mobile watch time on YouTube in the last two years.1 They watch 73% more YouTube on mobile per person than the general population of the same age.2 And they have one, clear ask of advertisers: more inclusive ads. More than three-quarters of black millennials would like to see brands better represent diversity in their ads.3 What can brands do to make truly inclusive advertising?

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