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City Guides: Nashville

When you picture Nashville, you may immediately think of Country music and all that entails. You can certainly get your fill of music & boots any time you visit, however a visit to Music City can be just as fun without ever stepping on the dance floor at the Wildhorse Saloon, visiting the famous Grand Ole Opry or historic Ryman Auditorium, or making a reservation at the Bluebird Cafe.   Whatever you enjoy, you’ll find Nashville enjoys it too… and is ready to enjoy it with you! Maybe it’s that famous Southern hospitality, or maybe people are just so happy to have planted their roots here! For that casual visit, below you’ll find some possibly inspirational ways to enjoy your stay.  

Stop calling me a girl

“Men will click on the link to chat to girls” A sentence you should only hear uttered in some creepy, dark place that is scheming a sex ring group. Not in an ad agency. Let me be clear, this is one of the more extreme versions I’ve heard over the years but none the less I’m throwing it out there. We often call men, ‘men’ or ‘guys’ but refer to grown women as  ‘girls’... So when you put the two words together, it sounds kind of creepy, right? I watched a short video that had gone viral by Mayim Bialik this year around ‘why we shouldn’t call women, girls’. Did you see it? Maybe not. Watch it. I saw a friend on Facebook had shared it online and instantly a guy commented ‘I don’t see the issue, it’s just a word’. Here we go again, I thought.

A day in Seattle

Here are unique things to do from morning to night according to Carol Chapman, Associate Creative Director and Tommy Dietrich, Associate Strategist at POSSIBLE’s Seattle office: Good morning Start the day with a cup of coffee from one of the many options in Pike Place Market. This is a great time to watch the market come to life and an opportunity to beat the eventual crowds. There might even be a short line at the historic original Starbucks. Whatever your coffee shop of choice, make sure to pick up a copy of The Stranger to see what is happening this week—it’s free and you will see it everywhere. After your dose or two of caffeine, go for a morning run or walk (we’re not judging) along the waterfront. A clear route starts with the interesting fountain (you have to see it to understand) at the entrance to the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) sculpture park. The walk runs along Elliot Bay and ends with an impressive intersection of fishing wharfs, silos, and busy railroad track by the iconic Seattle P-I building. The views are fabulous.

City Guides: Denver

Talent Manager at POSSIBLE Mobile explores business and pleasure in Denver, USA. Best hotel for business? The Curtis. This is a great little classic hotel, which has nice open spaces for chilling and working. It has all you would need in one place. Also, it’s close to just about everything. We have our employees stay there when we can. It is simple and classic with some nice modern touches.  Best hotel for pleasure? The Four Seasons. They have won our business for life. Great Staff, amazing restaurant, and a wine room we love to take pictures in even if we are not drinking in it. They also have all the amenities you could ever want. My wife and I got ready for our wedding here and finished the evening there. We go back at least once a year because of our experiences. Did I mention the EDGE steakhouse and the Wagyu for 2? I will. 

Francesco Rulli Q&A

To mark our launch in New York this week, we interview our New York Vice-Chair Francesco Rulli, President at Querlo on Judo and competing with YouTube.  What’s your golden rule?  If you are the smartest person in the room you are in the wrong room! Be sincerely interested in others and learn from them. Curiosity is the holy grail! What is your most hated business expression?  "I must check with….”. I like decision makers that can act promptly with enthusiasm or criticize constructively. Time is the most important asset we have, we can’t buy back a single minute in our lives. Procrastinating kills me! How can marketers be braver?

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