2015 winner: Trelleborg Marine Systems, Best B2B Marketing

Trelleborg Marine Systems, Best B2B
Trelleborg Marine Systems (Trelleborg) is an engineering company that designs, manufactures and installs protective equipment for many of the world’s largest commercial ports. When a ship comes into harbour, Trelleborg produces much of the equipment that the vessel comes into contact with. For example, fenders for docking, hooks for mooring and navigational technology to control the overall berthing process.
Given that ports are expensive to build and ships carry expensive, dangerous cargo (like oil and liquid gas), the safe passage of vessels in and out of the marine environment is critical. But like many other industries, Trelleborg faces very real operational threats from copycat competitors and customers prepared to take a risk on these low cost, unproven and inferior alternatives.
For Trelleborg’s integrated marketing agency, the remit was simple - turn the tide. This campaign was about delivering numbers on the bottom line: leads, sales and revenue - not clicks, opens and follows. 
To establish a benchmark, Trelleborg’s commercial performance for 2013 was used. This was the first year marketing automation techniques were used to drive Trelleborg’s outbound campaigns and, over the course of that year, 125 MQLs were generated that contributed to £35million in annual sales. The key objective therefore was to grow both those numbers in 2014, while reinforcing Trelleborg's hard-won reputation for quality, performance and integrity.
Trelleborg's agency set a personal goal too, which was to establish the precise length of the buyer journey by tracking a prospect all the way from the top of the marketing funnel (data acquisition) through to eventual conversion (product order). They did this in the hope of gaining a better understanding of what type and volume of content is required to nurture these leads with optimum velocity. So that in future years, the effectiveness of their marketing automation machine can be improved.

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