The Uplifters Series: Business Recoded

Streaming live from London, 19 May, 12pm to 1pm

It’s time to recode your business…

Most businesses are just not fit for the future. And that was before Covid-19. One year on, we could never have imagined how important it would be to reimagine your future, to reinvent your business, to recode how you work. Join us for a session with global thought leader, Peter Fisk where he will share insights from his new book ‘Business Recoded’. The book is about these three key things:

Inspiring leadership

Having the courage to step up, to look further ahead and shape a better future; more farsighted to make sense of change, more ambitious to embrace a higher purpose, and more energising to deliver that better future together.

Strategic innovation

Reimagining markets and how they work, how brands reengage with customers, and enable people to achieve more; and equally reimagining organisations, business models and ways of working in order to deliver this.

Positive impact

Developing business as a platform for change, and force for good; leveraging its power to address the big social and environmental challenges, aligning to create greater, long-term economic value, shared more equally between stakeholders.

This book is built on practical insight, from some of the most interesting business leaders and innovators around the world. Together we will explore the world’s most innovative businesses and how to ‘recode’ business for the future. 

All Marketing Society members will receive a free exclusive 50-page PDF extract to read ahead of the event but in the meantime you can check out Peter's monthly magazines below:

View the March edition here.  
View the May edition here


Peter Fisk

CEO GeniusWorks and Professor IE Business School

Sophie Devonshire

CEO, The Marketing Society


Streaming live from London