The real story behind millennials in the workplace...

So are the sports pages the first place you should look for tips on innovation?

Brand Learning caught up with Ian Cranna, Vice-president Marketing and Category EMEA Starbucks, who shared the importance of purpose and how it permeates the whole organisation, its relationships with suppliers, and its influence on the customer experience.

The world is shrinking. Forget about six degrees of separation, Facebook says there are just 3.57. But, what does this mean for you, your brands and your business?

We will discuss the future of digital in marketing, what’s next, the latest innovations and how to stay ahead of the game.

We got the inside track from four top brands on what impressed our Excellence Awards judges this year.

Attend IPA's new guide launch at the discounted rate all around how to improve customer insight by embracing social media data.

For the sixth year we'll be hosting a special day during the Edinburgh Festival to offer our members something a bit different.

An inspirational evening with top chef David Myers. We’ll hear his personal culinary journey told through the dishes that mean the most to him.

Heading back to The Artillery Garden at the HAC, this year we had comedian Russell Kane hosting.

The official launch of our fifth hub, The Marketing Society is now in the Middle East.

Our partners SapientNitro were at the festival hoovering up knowledge and best practice and brought it back to share with you.

There is no shortage of material on the web that offers guidance for measuring social media activities. However, little stands up to robust scrutiny.


422 runners are heading to Little Marlow in an attempt to run the world’s fastest marathon time.

Things are changing at The Marketing Society as Hugh Burkitt, CEO for the past 13 years, has decided to step down.

Rob Pierre, CEO of Jellyfish, gives us his inside tips on Baltimore.

We’re delighted to announce that The Economist Group in Asia have become our official knowledge partner.

Cannes for me this year felt quite different.  The week certainly started out a lot quieter than usual...


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