Accelerate: for individuals - Masterclasses

Our suite of virtual three-hour Masterclass workshops are designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to navigate the ever-changing socio-economic world.

Open programme
Three hours

Masterclasses are open to all Marketing Society members and an opportunity to spend time away from the office to learn, meet and connect with other marketers.

We know that the best thinking doesn't happen by accident. The big ideas on how to pivot, adapt and fast track new growth-driving strategies happen when you're coached by seasoned experts with like-minded peers.

Each Masterclass will provide skills, toolkits and thinking time to accelerate learning in an interactive, engaging environment. Empowering attendees to return to the office with renewed energy and confidence to make an impact to their organisations.

The types of Masterclasses we offer are listed below:

Finance for marketers

Now more than ever marketers need to be talking the language of finance. Develop a new understanding of how to use structured tools and financial models to measure the financial impact of marketing initiatives, how to factor finance principles into marketing decision-making and being fluent in the finance language used by the Board.

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Behavioural Science: Understanding why consumers make decisions

Knowing how customers are likely to behave is vital for marketing success. To influence their decisions, you need to understand what drives them. And as the voice of the customer in your organisation you need to really know how they think.

In this workshop we'll explore the psychological shortcuts that influence consumer decision-making.

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Brands on a budget: what to do when doing more with less becomes a necessity        

As the crisis lingers, we can only assume that the scarcity of marketing budgets is here to stay. Learn some of the proven techniques used by the most successful global companies to increase their brands’ utility and relevance and assess which one is the most suitable for you. Know how to delight your consumers and offer them ‘value for money’ in 15 different ways. Understand how to think and act as a challenger to seize all opportunities irrespective of your available resources.

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