Feeling isolated from ideas?

Don’t worry, here’s the answer

Industry stars film talks from isolation to help raise money for Samaritans during coronavirus lockdown

As you know, marketing is about sharing ideas.

It’s about sharing Ideas that inspire us to help others. Ideas that persuade us to think differently. Ideas that reassure us when we feel vulnerable.

But at times like this, when we find ourselves isolated from others in the industry, it’s much harder to keep sharing ideas.

Thankfully, I’ve been helping out a group of creative folks recently who’s aim it is to help make sure people like you and I – who work in the world of marketing – keep sharing ideas.

So, if you were due to speak at a marketing conference or event which has been cancelled or postponed due to coronavirus, this could be the ideal platform for you to share your ideas.

Not only that, but you’ll find a great collection of ideas you might find insightful from some of the best people in our industry.


Dave and Vikki and Rosie and Faris

Let me give you an idea about some of the people who are already sharing their ideas as part of this new charity initiative.

You know Dave Trott, right?

He’s the author of many brilliant books on advertising and marketing, including the classic Creative Mischief.

But did you know one of the best pieces of advice he’s ever received in his long career is that you shouldn’t play golf with a Gorilla?

No, nor did I.

Yet, this is exactly what I learned from him recently.

Or how about Vikki Ross?

You know Vikki Ross. She’s a fantastic copywriter. She’s written copy for Sky, The Body Shop, Hotels.com. And you know she’s one of the most helpful people in the industry.

But have you heard her explain why Ed Sheeran could help you write better copy than David Ogilvy can?

Nope. Neither had I.

Or how about the brilliant Rosie and Faris Yakob, the husband and wife team behind Genius Steals.

Have you seen them speak about the best way to deal with all the uncertainty in the marketing world right now?

You probably haven’t.

And that’s because like the insights from Dave Trott and Vikki Ross I mentioned, the talk from Rosie and Faris is all part of this new charity project.

It’s called IsolatedTalks.com and not only is a brilliant source of marketing inspiration for you while you’re stuck in isolation...

It’s a chance for you to make a real difference to people’s lives too.


What is IsolatedTalks.com?

“Tell me if you think it’s a silly idea,” asked Giles Edwards, the co-founder of marketing agency, Gasp!

I half expected him to pitch me Tiger King, but with Owls. Or tell me he was thinking of changing his name again, to Giles with a Z.

Instead he told me about a platform he was thinking of building where people from all over the advertising and marketing world could share their insight from isolation, for people in isolation.

In the process, we could use the platform to generate money for the Samaritans, so in turn they can help people struggling mentally in isolation.

Yes, I thought. This sounds good. Very good.

And so, I agreed to help out and do what I could to support the project and make it happen.

I’m pleased to say IsolatedTalks.com went live on Wednesday 22nd April and features brand new and exclusive videos from some of the best in our business.

As I say, Dave Trott is there, explaining why you should never play golf with a Gorilla.

Vikki Ross shares some amazing insight into tone of voice and how you can better connect with customers through copy.

And Rosie and Faris Yakob share their advice for overcoming uncertainty.

There are also talks from the likes of Rory Sutherland (Ogilvy), Amy Kean (&us), Rob Schwartz (TBWA/CHIAT/DAY), Nicole Yershon (The NY Collective), Mark Pollard (Mighty Jungle) and so many more brilliant and inspiring people.

And like I say, it’s all to help raise money to support the Samaritans so they can better do their work to support those people mentally affected by being stuck in isolation as a result of the coronavirus.

So, to get some fresh insight on all things marketing, donate your own ‘isolation talk’ or to just make a financial donation to support the campaign…

Visit IsolatedTalks.com

As someone who works in the world of marketing, you know like I do that ideas shouldn’t be isolated. With your help, we can make sure they keep being shared during these challenging times.