Digital Day Scotland 2023: Review

By Joy Dakers, Digital Account Executive, Guy & Co

I recently had the chance to attend The Marketing Society's Digital Day 2023, a fascinating event that offered a glimpse into the ever-evolving world of marketing. From the future of media to global trends to augmented reality, the event covered a wide range of topics and featured insightful presentations from industry experts.

One of the standout presentations was how Boots harness the power of data in creating more effective marketing campaigns. The presentation emphasised the importance of tailoring communications to individual needs and preferences, building stronger relationships with customers, and increasing sales. Examples, such as retargeting customers with offers when they were about to run out of a product, were practical and demonstrated the potential of using customer data to create more personalised and effective marketing strategies.

The breakout session I attended was about augmented reality. There were several great talks about the uses of XR but one that stood out to me was by SENSECity as it showcased the potential of AR to create immersive experiences and engage with customers in new and exciting ways. The presentation not only provided valuable insights but also sparked creativity and opened up new possibilities for marketers to explore.

After lunch, there was a presentation by Seven Six Agency on inclusive marketing which I believe was another highlight of the event. It was a timely reminder of the importance of diversity and inclusion in marketing, not only encouraging marketers to create content that truly resonates with diverse audiences but to ensure diversity and inclusivity in all marketing practices such as influencer payment and office culture. This presentation provided a fresh perspective on how to approach inclusivity in marketing.

Finally, Bumble's presentation on localising content to better connect with local audiences was a further highlight. By using local copywriters and models, they were able to create more relatable and relevant content for different markets while still maintaining their core messaging. This presentation underscored the importance of understanding local cultures and nuances and adapting marketing strategies accordingly.

Overall, Digital Marketing Day was a valuable and inspiring event for digital marketers. The passion and inspiration ebbed from the speakers into the audience and I know I left feeling inspired and hopeful. With so much to learn and discover in the world of marketing, events like Digital Marketing Day are an excellent opportunity to gain new insights, spark creativity, and stay ahead of the curve.


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