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Unlocking Chinese Travelers' Shopping Behavior

In the heart of Singapore, iClick Interactive successfully hosted the "Singapore Inbound Marketing Conference 2023: Unlocking Chinese Travelers' Shopping Behavior."

It was a dynamic event that brought together industry leaders, international brands, and marketers eager to delve into the evolving landscape of Chinese travelers visiting the Lion City. Attendees found themselves immersed in successful case studies and in-depth insights to enhance their brand presence across Chinese media platforms.

As the official overseas advertising partner of Xiaohongshu and one of the largest overseas partners of, iClick Interactive continued to lead the way in empowering brands for success and revealing impactful marketing strategies for our clients to enter into the dynamic Chinese market. 

Source and credit : iClick
Stella Gu, Marketing & BD Manager at Group


From Insights to Action: Mapping the Landscape of Chinese Travelers’ Behavior

The conference kicked off with Stella Gu, Marketing & BD Manager at Group. With her compelling presentation, Stella shared profound insights into the prevailing travel booking trends among Chinese travelers heading to Singapore, and delved into the user behavior of high-net-worth travelers. 

Source and credit : iClick
Jake Li, Head of Global Channel Partnership at Xiaohongshu


From Seeding to Success: Unraveling Xiaohongshu Trends and Tactics

Following Stella's captivating presentation, Jake Li, Head of Global Channel Partnership at Xiaohongshu, delved into the ever-evolving landscape of Xiaohongshu trends in Singapore. He unraveled the strategic approach of scientific seeding on Xiaohongshu, shedding light on the process of creating high-quality content and targeted traffic through influencer marketing and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Navigating Xiaohongshu: A Masterclass in Seasonal Strategies

From peak travel seasons to important Chinese festivals, Jake provided a competitive strategy by utilizing marketing IP on Xiaohongshu, enabling brands to seize the opportunity of travel and holidays in capturing the Chinese audience. Attendees gained valuable insights into how brands can leverage Xiaohongshu's distinctive features to craft compelling content that effectively resonates with the Chinese audience.

To unlock the full potential of your brand with iClick’s Xiaohongshu Marketing Solution 

Source and credit : iClick
Renee Xu, Xiaohongshu KOL with 200k followers across the internet

Behind the Scenes: Influencer Perspectives in Xiaohongshu Dynamics

The conference took an exciting turn as Renee Xu, an influential Xiaohongshu content creator with 200k followers, stepped into the spotlight. Going beyond the surface, her presentation provided marketers and brands with a profound understanding of how influencers navigate Xiaohongshu and offered valuable insights on identifying and collaborating with suitable Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) for effective promotion.

Source and credit : iClick
Eric Cheng, Vice President, APAC & EMEA at iClick Interactive


Navigating the Chinese Traveler Market: iClick’s One-Stop Solution

The conference ended with an enlightening session by Eric Cheng, Vice President, APAC & EMEA at iClick Interactive. He provided a thorough exploration of how to harness the power of Xiaohongshu to engage the Chinese Traveler Market, showcasing iClick’s one-stop marketing solution along with successful case studies. 

Reach out to iClick to read more case studies.


Source and credit : iClick











Unlocking the Full Potential of Chinese Travelers' with iClick Interactive

iClick's Singapore Inbound Marketing Conference 2023 offered attendees invaluable insights into the behavior of Chinese travel shoppers and strategies to enhance their brand presence within the Xiaohongshu community.

Leveraging iClick’s robust first-party and third-party data network, along with strategic partnerships with China’s leading social media platforms and online travel agencies (OTA), we precisely target high-net-worth audiences at every stage of the travel journey, enabling clients to unlock the full potential within the dynamic landscape of Chinese media channels.

iClick Interactive is dedicated to empowering brands with comprehensive solutions to thrive on Xiaohongshu. By leveraging iClick’s data-driven service capability and exclusive top-tier KOL/KOC inventory, it guides international brands step-by-step through its all-in-one marketing solution. This includes services such as official brand account registration, account operation and management, content creation, advertising strategy, and influencer marketing strategy. 

iClick’s services aim to assist the client in effortlessly exploring and unlocking the full potential of Xiaohongshu, engaging precisely with their target Chinese audience, and elevating their presence in the dynamic world of Chinese social media. Collaborate with iClick to unlock the full potential of your brand in the evolving landscape of Chinese travelers.

Published on 12 December 2023


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