Driving Human-Centric Leadership

PwC Experience Centre - Dubai, 2 March, 8:30am to 11am

How can we as an industry and community drive a more human approach for our brands, both internally for our people and externally for our customers? 

Taking place on Thursday 2 March, 8.30 – 10.30am at the PwC Experience Centre Offices, Emaar Square, we will hear from Gian Power - the Founder & CEO of TLC Lions whose work on storytelling has impacted over 2 million employees around the world.

Gian, a former Deutsche Bank & PwC employee has now supported over 300 of the world's largest multinationals with his unique storytelling methodology including Google, Amazon and Rolls-Royce and his method is now reaching over 15 million passengers in the skies where you can find his content onboard all Emirates flights.

About the session

Throughout the session, Gian will bring to life the TLC Lions mission to humanise the working world and how we can use the power of storytelling to drive forward more human cultures. Human-centric leadership starts with a deeper understanding of our own stories and the stories of our people, employees and customers. In this session we will explore the links between storytelling with human leaders and companies - and why it might just be the USP that many companies are missing. 
During this session, you will have the chance to share your thoughts, challenges and stories via an interactive workshop on human-centric leadership so that we can collectively drive forward change in our industry. 

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Gian Power

Founder & CEO, TLC Lions



PwC Experience Centre - Dubai
Building 5, Emaar Square, Downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates