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Global Conversation: Reset Wellness at Work

Virtual, 28 June, 10:30am to 11:30am

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Join us for this insightful and practical virtual event to explore the essential components we all need for our optimal wellbeing and peak performance.

Led by Helen Gorman, co-founder, Let’s Reset and David Beeney, Let’s Reset mental health partner, you’ll be introduced to the groundbreaking 7 Needs of Wellbeing and Performance framework and take part in an interactive test to assess your own current state and needs, hosted by our Head of Brand and Communications, Rachel Letham.

If you’ve never been to one of our Connections and Conversations events before they’re all about the power of the coming together of like-minded people to talk about the things that matter to positive effect. With mental wellbeing such an important part of how we function, manage and cope with day-to-day life, at work and at home, this is your opportunity to understand how to unlock your full potential and discover the way to a life of balance, fulfilment and high performance.


Date: Friday 28 June

Time: 10.30am-11.30am BST | 1.00pm-2.30pm GST | 5.00pm- 6.30pm SGT/HKT

Location: Via Zoom

The event will cover:

The 7 needs of wellbeing & performance framework: understanding the seven crucial needs that drive wellbeing and performance and discovering how to identify and address any deficiencies in these areas for a balanced and fulfilling life.

The 7 needs of wellbeing & performance test: guests will participate in an interactive test to evaluate their standing across the seven needs and receive personalised insights and actionable steps to enhance your wellbeing and performance.

When your wellbeing is at its best: explore the positive impacts of optimal wellbeing on various aspects of your life and gain the motivation to prioritize your overall wellbeing.

Closing thoughts and Q&A: members are invited to take part in a thought-provoking discussion and Q&A’s with our speakers.

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About the speakers

Helen Gorman Co-founder Let‘s Reset
An expert on delivering business transformation, leading excellence on strategy, marketing, and changing business culture to focus on behaviours that drive wellbeing & performance. Helen has a legacy of outstanding commercial growth for businesses including Britvic, GSK. In 2020 she grew the Let’s Reset consultancy model to focus on putting wellbeing as a strategic priority, alongside commercials, getting clients to develop new behaviours to support a culture of wellbeing, energy, and performance for all.

David Beeney Mental Health Partner
David is one of the leading advisors in the UK on mental health in the workplace. He works with us on our workshops and consultancy projects to train on empathy, wellbeing and creating kinder cultures and has co-created our "HOW ARE YOU?" programme.  He has a background in business, working for over 30 years suffering in silence with a mental health issue, he is also a qualified mental health counsellor


Helen Gorman

Co-Founder , Let's Reset

David Beeney

Mental Health Partner, Let's Reset

Rachel Letham

Head Of Brand and Communications, The Marketing Society