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5Q5M - A brand new interview series

5 Questions in 5 Minutes

We are excited to be rolling out a brand new video interview series "5Q5M". The series is brought to you jointly by The Marketing Society, AURA and Trinity McQueen.

This brand-new content series is hosted by Paul Barrow with guests who are playing at the top of their game. From CEOs to scientists and actors to leading experts in marketing.

Each guest will be asked 5 questions in the space of 5 minutes and the topics are not necessarily work focussed. They provide a brief insight into the minds and lives of each subject. Once a month a new interview will be published and we will be sharing them here as well as on our member-only platform Coffeehouse where you can discuss the interviews and insights from the guests.

Episode 1 - Fellow of The Marketing Society & Vice Chairman Ogilvy - Rory Sutherland

One of the finest marketing minds in the industry Rory discusses border collies to environmentalism, and offers a wealth of fascinating behavioural insights

Episode 2 - Managing Director of Boots  - Sebastian James

In this episode, he offers his take on the current state of our ‘attention economy’ - how are emerging channels and rising technologies shaping the pharmaceutical industry? 

Oh, and what was it like playing in a band…?

Episode 3 -  ‘HERD’ author, and The Marketing Society member and fellow Mark Earls 

From the social nature of humanity to Elvis Costello, Mark Earls sat down with Paul Barrow for some quick-fire snippets of knowledge.

Episode 4 - Airbnb Global Head of Hosting Catherine Powell 

With consumer travel habits ever-shifting, how can businesses understand and predict behaviour?

Episode 5 - Pre-eminent scientist on emotion and the author of Polyvagal Theory Dr Stephen Porges

Dr Stephen Porges explains the increasing relevance of his Polyvagal Theory, in which the human condition can be divided into states of comfort and threat.

Episode 6 - Marketing veteran and author of ‘Decoded’ Phil Barden.

Discover how marketers should be incorporating the ideas of ‘goals’ into their approach.

Episode 7 - Musical Marketing Genius, Rajeev Raja

Find out how Rajeev has fine-tuned his ‘sonic branding’ approach as founder of BrandMusiq.


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