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Interview with Keli Mitchell

You’ve worked with some brilliant brands, what has been your stand out favourite campaign to work on and why?

We want all of the work we create at Frame to really matter and make a difference.

Our ‘For the Love of Scotland’ and most recently, the SOS campaign for NTS made a tangible difference to both the brand and the business.

Similarly, our fund-raising campaigns for Children 1st and CHAS have exceeded expectations (and won us a few awards too!).

When our work has a positive impact on society - it’s incredibly rewarding.

What’s involved during a typical day for you in your role as Joint MD?

Talking. I do a lot of it.

Where possible, I try to call people rather than email. WFH comes with many isolating challenges, so I go out of my way to maintain a human connection.

A two-minute project check-in will inevitably turn into 10min chat about what we’re having for lunch and how we all feel on any given day - for me, that’s vitally important.

I also spend my days working on pitches, new business proposals and creative presentations.

But most of it is just talking. Talking to my team, our clients and sometimes my dog.

Without taking too much away from our event – what would you say are the fundamentals of a good client/agency relationship?

Mutual respect and a shared ambition to do good work. If the client doesn’t respect the agency, or the agency doesn’t respect the client, then we’re all screwed.

We don’t have to be best friends, but we do have to respect and trust one another.

Honesty and a good sense of humour and perspective really help, too.  

Who are your favourite type of clients to work for?

I’ve worked with every type of client out there and every single one of them has taught me something new and made me better at my job.

I like working with them all.

But the absolute best results come from clients who consider Frame as an extension of their team.

We much prefer to work with our clients.




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