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Member Interview With Mark Fawcett

We are delighted to bring you a Member Interview with Mark Fawcett, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman at We Are Futures.


What’s your golden rule?

Just get it done!


Who has been your biggest influence?

I believe I have taken small pieces of influence from most experienced people I have worked for or with. I'm very conscious of thinking 'I like that' and 'I don't like that' and then using that positive or negative experience to build myself.


What is your most hated business expression?

Let's set up a meeting ... please no.


What’s the smartest business idea you’ve ever had?

To set up We Are Futures. When we started we had to work hard to show businesses and brands why they should care about young people - but now with the increasing competition for young talent and the importance of younger generations in shaping opinions and brands, the value of our work is clear and the trust with our clients is amazing.


Which leader do you admire most and why?

Everyone has flaws and I have learned a lot from leaders across different fields about how they go about setting visions, inspiring others and achieving goals - from business, politics, sport and elsewhere. If you could bottle the courage & communication of Volodymyr Zelensky with the inspiration of Michael Jordan and the empathy of Nelson Mandela you'd have a pretty powerful leader to admire.


What keeps you up at night as a marketing leader?

The need for continuous learning and development - the knowledge that if you ever stay still, you will start to get left behind. It's both exciting and tiring.


Why is being part of TMS important for your career?

To help me to continue to learn and develop myself. And, to see where I can help those starting out. One of the most enjoyable and interesting parts of working within marketing has always been the people, so it's a great way to connect and converse more.


Tell us something that’s not on your CV

I used to lead jungle expeditions and mountain climbs in South America, particularly Peru and Bolivia.



Published on 2nd February 2024


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