Q&A with Wells Fargo's Jamie Moldafsky

2019 New York Bravest Conference speaker

Jamie Moldafsky leads the development and implementation of marketing strategies and programs for the Wells Fargo brand and businesses, driving deeper engagement and customer relationships, enhanced revenues and overall customer experience. Moldafsky oversees brand strategy and expression, sponsorships, integrated marketing, digital and social capabilities, and insights and analytics. In addition, Moldafsky is also a key partner to Wells Fargo’s lines of business.

Before joining Wells Fargo, Moldafsky was general manager for Whirlpool Corporation's Kitchen Aid brand, responsible for the brand's profitability. She also was senior vice president for Retail Marketing at Charles Schwab, the national brokerage company,and held leadership marketing roles at American Express.

What is your most hated business expression?

“We’ve tried that.”  Sometimes, great ideas fail not because of the idea, but timing. New time brings new opportunities so we can learn from the past, but not use it as an excuse.

How can marketers be braver?

Advocate for the customer.  It is often the high ground that lets you put forth new or different ideas, fight for something that’s right and elevate the dialogue.  Our jobs are to know the customer best and understand their needs and wants…and advocating for them empowers us!

What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken in your career?

Changing industries, geography and my role (GM vs Marketing) as GM of KitchenAid for Whirlpool. Required both confidence and humility and was tremendously rewarding!

What’s your favourite word?

“Can!”  I am optimistic and futuristic and believe that starting with “how can we” or “we can” drives new thinking, a strong will, a positive spirit and better outcomes!  The naysayers and contrarians are important too, but they usually weigh in!

Jamie is the CMO at Wells Fargo Bank and is speaking at our New York Bravest Conference, October 10.