Speaker interview with Rejoice Ojiaku

Co-Founder, B-DigitalUK

Can you tell us a little about B-DigitalUK and what they do?

B-DigitalUK is an online community that is aimed at the Black community, it aims to educate, inspire and showcase Black Talent so they are more visible within the Digital Marketing space. We try and tackle Diversity Issues by ensuring we provide learning resources to those wanting to break into the industry. We understand that a lot of members are entry level and do not know a lot about the different channels they can go into so we sometimes sponsor accommodations, tickets so those people can attend events such as Women in Tech SEO or BrightonSEO. 

How did you get into digital marketing and SEO?

I got into Digital Marketing/SEO after I graduated from my masters. I wanted to combine my undergrad in IT Management for Business with my Masters (Marketing) and I figured Digital Marketing would allow me to do so. I applied for a graduate scheme with an agency and I was placed first within the SEO team and I have stuck with that for almost 5 years now.

What is your proudest achievement in the industry so far?

I would say my proudest achievement has been creating B-DigitalUK as well as becoming a speaker around a subject I love which is Content. I was able to ace my fears and really go for it and I have met amazing and supportive people along the way.

On a personal level, where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from the Black women around me doing awesome things in their respective fields. They keep me grounded and I know I can go to them asking for help or advice. Having such an empowering system around you is such a blessing because when I feel down, tired, discouraged; they are there to pick me right up and remind me that I am doing well and I should have a balance of work and rest.

If you had to give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t give up on coding so early haha! I just think it would be cool if I knew a little bit of coding and I know its never too late but my advice would be to start as early as possible and stick with it cause it is so cool. Another advice would be to stop worrying and things are going to be okay. I think when I was younger, I always worried about my future and questioned what my purpose is but now that I have arrived, it turned out pretty great.



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