Marcus Smith

Extreme Athlete and Coach

I am an entrepreneur, motivational speaker extreme athlete and coach. With a clear vision of making peoples lives better through health, culture and environment, I have developed and established two successful businesses, including international performance company, InnerFight; and Paleo food provider, Smith St Paleo.

With a competitive sporting background, I played professional rugby from the age of 18, with a major highlight being my participation in the 2009 IRB Rugby Sevens World Cup. Retiring from the game in 2010, I moved to CrossFit and endurance challenges which I still take part in and love.

I believe that developing mental strength through physical challenges is one of the keys to a successful life and have multiple challenges and ultramarathons to my name including: 30 marathons in 30 days in 2018, 250km self-supported across the Sahara desert in 2015, 230km self supported through Kenya in 2019, crossing the island of Corisica on foot with 13,000m of elevation in 2018.

In 2018 I was served up a truly amazing experience when I was training to set a world record in ultra cycling and was hit by a truck at 65kmph resulting in the biggest fight I had ever had, the fight for my life. I looked death straight in the face and decided it was not for me. (check out my documentary here)

My experiences in these challenges and my near death experience has helped me coach; numerous athletes ranging from ultra endurance events to just being able to run 1 mile, from those looking to find their purpose in life to high levels CEO’s.

Prior to establishing my first business InnerFight, I spent 10 years in the sporting goods industry, with over five years as a sales director at market leader, Adidas and my final year at Nike.

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Marcus is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, extreme athlete and coach. With a clear vision of making people's lives better through

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