Brave Awards 2020 shortlist

This year's shortlist is below, ordered by category, then brand.

Please note: Our Grand Prix, Bravest Brand, Finance Director's prize, Best Outside the UK, Bravest Marketing Leader and One to Watch winners are not included in this list, as they will be announced on the night.

Which brings us onto...

Awards night: Our awards night itself is on hold pending the COVID-19 situation, but we hope to have a new date soon.

Watch this space.

    Brand Agency
Bum's the word - how Anusol busted category norms and societal taboos to generate its highest sales ever   Anusol / Church & Dwight MSQ Partners
Viva la vulva   Body Form/Libresse AMVBBDO
Guinness Clear   Guinness AMVBBDO
How (seriously) good marketing turned a featherweight into a contender   Heinz (seriously) Good Mayonnaise BBH
The Glenlivet capsule collection   The Glenlivet Pangolin
Biting the hand that feeds you: How brand thinking and bold creative helped The Times and The Sunday Times profit from political chaos   The Times and The Sunday Times The&Partnership London
Birds Eye: making vampires 'a bit more veggie’   Birds Eye Birds Eye
Cadbury: restoring the glass and a half to the nation's favourite chocolate   Cadbury VCCP
Gordon's Gin: legacy brand turned challenger   Gordon's Gin Diageo
Revitalising Optrex by transforming a medical condition into an aspirational daily lifestyle routine   Optrex Havas
How the Toyota Auris was reborn as Toyota Corolla, the hybrid champion   Toyota (Europe) The&Partnership
How the first 20 years have prepared us for the next 20   Transport for London VCCP
Eat them to defeat them   ITV & Veg Power & the Veg Alliance ITV
Humility over heroics - a story of collective chicken courage   KFC Mother
The team that took on the saving crisis   Nationwide VCCP
Atos with Dell Technologies, with Coterie support   Atos, Dell Technologies, and Coterie Coterie
Brighthouse Financial: building a new B2B model   Brighthouse Financial BBH
Diageo Bar Academy: an audacious digital experiment to unleash the power of Bar professionals   Diageo Bar Academy Diageo
The profit hunter. shark and beyond   Embraer Gravity Global
Creating a brand that soars when it floats   Manolete Partners The Corner
B2B EU marketing campaign   Shell Mediacom
How bwin dreamed big, got bold, stole the World Cup, and won 31 million bets in 6 weeks   bwin BBH
Cesar   Cesar AMVBBDO
Haters gonna hate, use them as bait KFC’s new fries campaign, 2018   KFC Mother
How a brand turned the tables on its own sector by saving fans' football shirts from betting sponsors   Paddy Power VCCP
Tesco – delivering a TV first with ITV, Channel 4 and Sky   Tesco MediaCom UK
How Vigorsol grew a category by keeping it fresh   Vigorsol BBH
Chelsea Football Club   Chelsea Football Club  
Dignity - revitalising our digital brand   Dignity Funerals Dignity Plc
Complex, live and untried: how O2 got three million fans cheering for an event it wasn't allowed to talk about   O2 VCCP
Boost winter wallet   Boost Power OVO Energy
Coca-Cola signature mixers launch 2019 - 2020   Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Exposure
Durex Naturals: making reclaimed sexual pleasure a better customer experience   Durex Naturals Havas
Guinness Storehouse: an out of this world experience that has set the bar globally   Guinness Storehouse Diageo
Viva la vulva   Body Form/Libresse AMVBBDO
Cesar   Cesar AMVBBDO
Stroke Association   Stroke Association AMVBBDO
TalkTalk: changing the game of price comparison websites   TalkTalk m/SIX
The sausage that divided the nation   Tesco BBH
Walkers   Walkers AMVBBDO
#Drymester   #DRYMESTER C21 Creative Communications
UNILAD: the illegal blood bank - #BloodWithoutBias   LADbible Group  
Putting fans back at the heart of Formula 1   Formula 1 Ogilvy UK
Deploying a digital butler to drive subscriber experience transformation and decrease churn rates   News UK Merkle
Turning transactional data into brand love   Sainsbury's Table19
Shell advance Vietnam outriders campaign   Shell Mirum UK, Iris Singapore, MediaCom Vietnam
Hell or Habito   Habito Uncommon
Haig Club: blueprint for a fast start   Haig Club Diageo
Rekindling the spirit of John Cadbury for today   Cadbury's VCCP
Cathay Pacific - move beyond labels   Cathay Pacific Leo Burnett Hong Kong
Living the rainbow: how Coca-Cola went from promoting LGBTQ+ equality to living it   Coca-Cola  
Britain get talking   ITV Uncommon