Sabah Naqushbandi

Sabah oversees all elements of MR PORTER’s global marketing offering and advocates the brand and customer experience. She joined the business as a two-year-old start-up and contributed to transforming MR PORTER into an award-winning global online men’s fashion retail leader. Key highlights over the years include founding MR PORTER Health In Mind, a content and charity initiative dedicated to helping men lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives, building the brand’s own label Mr P. to become a top 5 brand, alongside creating the award-winning and world’s first shoppable film collection, Kingsman.

Before joining MR PORTER, Sabah worked in the music industry at EMI within the CEO’s strategy team, and was responsible for the global roll out of a new model for launching music artists.

Prior to that, Sabah worked across a range of different roles at Procter Gamble Prestige, from developing new celebrity fragrance brands from scratch in Geneva, to managing the integration of recently acquired beauty and grooming brands in London.

Sabah is a Fellow of The Marketing Academy and holds a non-executive director role at The Marketing Society. Her proudest achievement is she is the mother of two wonderful girls!