Data: how big is big enough?

Data: how big is big enough?

How do we best harness data to generate genuine insights and, importantly, how do we align the varying sources to give us the utopian ‘one customer viewpoint’?

We heard from Sean Rach, CMO, brand and corporate affairs at Prudential, King Leun, CEO, CLiX Limited, Ruth Rowan, Group Executive – Marketing, Dimension Data and Ben Russell, senior insights analyst, marketing solutions, LinkedIn.

We've collated a few of our favourite points from the session:

  • 99% of LinkedIn data is analysable. Only 0.09% is actually used (and needed) to effectively answer questions and create data driven recommendations
  • In 2011 there were approximately 100 marketing technology companies….in Q1 of 2015, there were about 1900. Think beyond the usual suspects….the solution might be out there
  • Adapting Jeremy Bullmore’s quote: 'Brands build a view of the customer from the scraps and straws we chance upon'
  • Data leads and insights are like fireflies…they burn out very quickly
  • Hire ‘right’ and ‘left brain’ people – the person is more important than the skills. If you can’t hire the skills, suck it up and train it

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A huge thanks to our friends at Uniplan for helping produce the video from the event.