Mental strength through military training

Mental strength

Military training is designed to reduce fear, stress and fatigue and teaches how to plan for every eventuality. So what can the ad industry learn from the British Army? How can thinking like a soldier aid our day to day lives in advertising? Discover how to help battle stress, fatigue, increase personal resilience, improve creativity and productivity with a unique British Army spin.

In the army, practical exercises are designed to enable soldiers to deal with any situation; these exercises are conducted using explosives to provide a form of ‘battlefield inoculation.’ This can also apply to those working within a corporate environment when simulating conditions that can reduce levels of stress, anxiety & pressure. Army training is used to develop confidence and leadership, which can enhance cohesion within any team and promote a positive organisational culture.

In this session we learnt about:
  • The challenges & pressures that accompany a military career and the transition back to civilian life
  • How military training is structured to reduce fear, stress & fatigue with lessons on how you can apply this to the wider world
  • How you can develop a plan for every eventuality
  • How knowledge can dispel fear
  • Discussing & practicing the various techniques that you can use to help alleviate stress and pressure in any situation.