US Creative Works Ad of the Week: Tillamook

Goodbye Big Food. Hello Real Food.

Oregon dairy co-op Tillamook released an ad during the Oscars that it hopes will encourage consumers to seek out real, preservative-free food.  

The colorful spot, created by 72andSunny, has been voted by US Creative Works readers as Ad of the Week.

In the video, junk food staples like soda, Jell-O and individually-wrapped cheese slices appear onscreen while a female voiceover states, 'Hey, Big Food. We’ve had some good times. You were so colorful, so sweet. But, I’ve had enough of your artificial ingredients. Enough quantity over quality. I’m done.'

Viewers are then introduced to farmers, a cow named Molly, and 'naturally-aged cheddar, made by a real craftsmen' before the voiceover drives home the point that Tillamook’s real, authentic food is a better alternative to the mass-produced, artificial ingredient-laced food found at big companies like Kraft and PepsiCo.

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This article first appeared on The Drum's website here.