YouTube Creator Stories: How Noor Stars connects with her audience of young female viewers

YouTube Creator Stories

With over 4.8 million subscribers, Noor is now the top subscribed YouTube creator in the Arab world! Since creating her channel back in 2014, Noor has garnered over 557 million views (and an average of 1 million views per video!) mostly from an audience of young women from all around the region. Given her audience, she creates lighthearted family-friendly content through which she can connect with her audience. Over the years Noor has built a loyal #NoorFam fan base that extends to her actual family with her sister Banen Stars also being among the top followed female-led YouTube creators in the region.

Brands play an important role in the growth of the YouTube creator ecosystem, there is an array of creative product integrations, collaboration videos, product tutorials, and more formats that have been made possible due to the ongoing partnership between brands and creators.Creators work with brands as influencers, spokespeople, and creatives. Creators often handle everything from constructing the storyboard, to filming and editing, and promoting the content.

KitKat’s Caramel Crisp


Over 1.4 million viewers tuned in to catch Noor’s Chocolate Challenge in collaboration with KitKat (and featuring YouTube Creator Shahad Imad)

Noor’s unique partnership with KitKat to promote Caramel Crisp involved a series of challenges co-starring top YouTube creator Shahad Imad. Over 1.4 million fans tuned to watch Noor and Shahad complete the challenge.

Pantene’s Hair Cream


Noor’s video in collaboration with Pantene garnered over 1.6 million views

Check out her partnership with Pantene to promote their hair products. Nour demoed several products in her weekly school routine video, in her authentic tone and style. Her collaboration was seen by over 1.6 million viewers!

BELLAMI Hair’s Hair Extension Tutorial


Noor’s video featuring BELLAMI Hair products was seen by over 2 million viewers

Noor shared a hair tutorial to promote BELLAMI Hair’s products, specifically their hair extensions, which was seen by over two million viewers.

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