‘Tis the season to be jolly

‘Tis the season to be jolly

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Turkey, togetherness and Chrismas slogans according to Vikki Ross

I love Christmas.

The Christmas that Advertising taught us.

I love buying the tree and all its decorations.

I love sending cards and filling my home with the ones we receive.

I love shopping for gifts and paper to wrap them in.

I love seeing seasonal window displays, beautiful trees and twinkly lights.

I love decorating the tree and watching festive movies.

I love catching up with friends and going to merry parties.

I love eating turkey and drinking mulled wine all through December.

I love pulling crackers and putting a flame to the pudding on the big day.

I love spending time with family and seeing them all having a wonderful Christmas time.

And I love the ads. Not all of them. Not every year. But I do love them.

I love writing them too.

Nothing gets me more excited at work than a Christmas brief because I get to put all the things I love about the festive season into my copy.

Warmth. Nostalgia. Fun.

And I’ve loved seeing all those things reflected in the Christmas ads this year.

We’ve focused on giving.

We’ve focused on love.

And we need to see all those things right now.

It’s no coincidence that we’ve all taken very similar approaches. We’ve clearly all looked at what’s going on the world and found a way to bring some much-needed cheer into people’s homes.

A feeling of warmth, nostalgia and fun.

A feeling of togetherness.

Here are just some of the lines I’ve noticed this month that are encouraging togetherness:

M&Ms - Bring everyone together with M&Ms

Sky Cinema - Nothing brings people together like a movie at Christmas

Waitrose - Christmas Together

Toyota USA - This holiday season, let’s bring everyone a little closer together

BBC One - Christmas together

And the one that’s got us all sniggering:

Co-op - Christmas is coming together

Whoever you’re with this year, I wish you a very merry Christmas together. 

By Vikki Ross

Vikki Ross is a Copywriter, Copywriting Tutor and Co-Founder of Copy Cabana, the hottest event around for Creatives and Clients

Author: The Marketing Society
Posted: 06 Dec 2017
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