2012: A year in TV by Thinkbox

Thinkbox: year in TV 2012 report
thinkbox a year in tv 2012

Last year we all saw incredible content like the Olympics bringing people together to emerging trends like multi-screening making TV advertising even more effective.

People take TV for granted. They expect to turn on the TV and find something to watch – if they don’t already know what they want. TV is both part of the fabric of daily life and a crucial part of the creative economy, which contributes 8% to UK GDP.

Thinbox's full report is below but to start, here's a taster:

  • TV in the UK became 100% digital when the analogue signal was switched off, whatever screen you watch now, it's digital
  • In 2012 UK viewers watched an average of 3 minutes a day of TV on devices other than the TV set
  • TV advertising revenue reached a new high in 2012, totalling £4.48bn, up 1.4% from 2011
  • Catch-up and on-demand TV services became more widely available on TV screens
  • Commercial TV channels accounted for 66% of total linear viewing, with average viewer watching 2 hours, 35 minutes a day

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