2015 winner: EDF Energy, Grand Prix/Brand Revitalisation - Case Study

2015 winner: EDF, Revitalisation

The outlook looked bleak. EDF Energy’s supply business was losing almost £200m/year and shrinking in the face of fierce competition, 6th place in market share. Suppliers were undifferentiated and distrusted, seen as a bunch of 'bad guys', only in it for themselves. EDF was industry-focused, and 'Marketing' had been seen purely as a communications function - 'doing the colouring in'. They needed a new approach.

The objective
To turn around the business and deliver profitable growth, while rebuilding customer engagement and trust.

What EDF delivered

  • Profit Improvement.
  • Market Share Growth: From declining customer numbers to 13% growth of their customer base, while incumbent competitors were losing customers to new entrants.
  • Customer Engagement: From bottom to top of the league tables, with gains across Brand Equity, Trust, CSAT and Net Promoter Score.

EDF achieved this by

  1. Creating a winning “Customer Love” brand strategy grounded in robust consumer & business understanding, with strong company buy-in.
  2. Executing their strategy holistically with “Feel Better Energy” consistently across the mix: Product, Price, Promotion, Place, People.

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