2015 winner: Macmillan, Long Term - case study

2015 winner: Macmillan, Long Term

In 2010, the number of people living with cancer was 2 million. And that figure was predicted to double by 2030.

But with recession biting, Macmillan Cancer Support was finding it harder to grow at anything like the rate required to help everyone living with or affected by cancer. 900 people a day were being diagnosed, but after 3 years of strong fundraising growth, income grew just 1.6% in 2009: nowhere near enough to fund the services they required.

Over the last 5 years, Macmillan has achieved a step change in the effectiveness of its marketing communications. Across fundraising, brand, engagement and partnerships, it has achieved greater impact, and greater results.

With the launch of Not Alone in 2013, a new urgency was added, and a new level of integration. The brand delivered more effective advertising, more diverse and efficient income driving, deeper digital and social engagement, and more far-reaching partnerships.

As a result, in 2014 Macmillan Cancer Support reached more people than ever before, with 5.5m people affected by cancer helped and supported in some way. What’s more, new records of fundraising income were delivered, with growth far in advance of the charity sector as a whole. It’s no surprise that Macmillan has been consistently recognised as the UK’s Charity Brand of the Year by both Third Sector and YouGov.

But most importantly, Macmillan has built a strong, sustainable position from which it can raise the money to support the ever-increasing numbers of people who will need them in the future. So hopefully, one day, we will truly be able to say that no one will face cancer alone.

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