2015 winner: Premier Inn, Employee Engagement - case study

2015 winner: Premier Inn, Engagement

17,000 team members, a 74% employee engagement score and fantastic business performance. How can Premier Inn continue to build on this success to take the brand from leading to legendary?

Through Bigger, Bolder, Better...

A holistic long term change initiative which puts the spotlight on what makes us special – Premier Inn's team members, the people who embody the spirit of their brand and make them who they are.

Bigger, Bolder, Better clearly connects their team to the Premier Inn purpose (‘Making our guests feel brilliant through a great night’s sleep’) and their guest promise (‘Great Rooms, Great Value, Great People’), via a leader-led, people-driven cascade. Rolled out via bite-sized modules focused on what’s important to Premier Inn's business, people and guests, the approach generated incremental learning, in an easily accessible, fun and engaging way.

We also introduced a new supporting Employee Value Proposition which puts team members and their aspirations at the heart of the business: ‘Premier Inn is a place made by you, with opportunities to grow, develop and achieve your dreams too. A place where you belong, where your future will unfold.’

Bigger, Bolder, Better played a significant role in driving a 77% overall team engagement score, and a 95% favourable score on ‘I understand how I can help deliver our purpose every day.’ It’s also no coincidence that we delivered a 9.8% revenue uplift for hotels and restaurants (2013/2014), record guest scores and ongoing growth, resulting in a net total of 3,364 new UK rooms (2013/2014). Premier Inn were also named the UK’s No.1 budget hotel brand by YouGov.

With strong evidence to demonstrate the success of the Bigger, Bolder, Better movement to date and focused sustainment plans, they are proud to be part of the team that leads Premier Inn into the future, ‘Making our guests feel brilliant through a great night’s sleep.’

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