2015 winner: SCA, Building Marketing Capabilities - Case Study

2015 winner: SCA, Building Marketing Capabilities

SCA is the fourth largest feminine care company globally. It has always followed a model of acquiring established local brands to expand their global influence, rather than attempt to enter the market as a new brand each time. Whilst this makes good financial sense in the short term, it does impact global marketing efficiencies.

In order to unite a global organisation they had to encourage local SCA Femcare brand managers to adopt a single global creative platform. SCA created Live Fearless, an idea that inspired womens’ brave, instinctive side, an attitude and an approach to life.

It is about being true to yourself, overcoming self-doubt or insecurities, having the belief in your abilities and not letting things get in the way of you doing what you have always wanted to achieve. They then found emotionally led ways to bring it to life.

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