Career path: Reflect on life choices

Career path: Reflect on life choices

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As part of Turku, Finland’s 2011 European Capital of Culture events, Candy Chang was invited to create a public art project near the University of Turku.

A local pedestrian/bike path is nicknamed Uraputki ('Career Path') because it is a popular route that students take from their residences to the university, to get a degree to get a job.

To provide perspective, she turned the path into an interactive space with prompts that invite people to share what they wanted to be when they were little and what they want to be today.

The prompts are stenciled on the pavement in Finnish, Swedish, and English. Passersby can use colored chalk to write directly on the pavement and reflect upon their larger life choices and how they’ve changed or stayed the same. What made you come alive as a child and why? Sun and rain erase the responses and the installation starts again.

Responses included: 'When I was little I wanted to be a princess. Today I want to be an electrician.' 'When I was little I wanted to be a bird. Today I want to be a speech therapist.' 'When I was little I wanted to be a grown-up. Today I want to be a kid.'

Commissioned by Turku European Capital of Culture. Lighting design by Anni Hapuoja. Installation assistance by Pete Koivunen, Anni Hapuoja. Studio assistance by Kristina Kassem. Project coordination by Tonja Goldblatt of Flux Aura and Suvi Aarnio of Artist as Neighbor with support from Turku European Capital of Culture.

Read more from Candy Chang in our Library or on their blog.

Author: The Marketing Society
Posted: 20 May 2014
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