Chocolate compensation in unique sampling campaign

Compensation and chocolate

Joss Davidge, Business Director of brand experience agency BEcause, continues his weekly quest for great marketing ideas. This week he looks at how chocolate brand Anthon Berg spotted a unique sampling opportunity and made the most of it.
We’ve all had a bad seat on a plane, whether you didn’t smile enough when seat allocations were made or you weren’t able to scramble up the Ryanair steps quick enough to bag a bit of leg room, or an easy route to the toilet. We get through it because we know it’s temporary, or sometimes, we are off somewhere nice to relax where we can spend a whole week with copious amounts sun lounger ‘leg room’.
Danish chocolatier Anthon Berg spotted an opportunity to build relationships and sample its products at this unique time of need. The brand created a sampling experience at Copenhagen Airport where passengers could scan their boarding pass, find out if they had a good or bad seat and get a corresponding chocolate compensation pack. Larger packs for those who were in for the worst seats on the plane included chocolates as well as eye masks and other items to make the journey more bearable.
Anthon Berg is no stranger to creating engaging sampling campaigns that get people talking. At BEcause we loved this ‘pay by good deed’ pop up generosity shop that won the hearts of locals and sped around the globe as the video was shared online.
It’s been a while since the release of that and it’s good to see that Anthon Berg is still creating unique sampling campaigns that position the brand as fun, inventive and, most importantly, all about the joy of chocolate.

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