Face facts: clients respond to experiential marketing

Relationships and increasing sales

There’s nothing like talking face-to-face when it comes to building customer relationships and increasing sales.

A survey by Meeting Professionals International (MPI) states that 40 percent of prospects are converted to new customers through face-to-face meetings and 28 percent of current business would be lost without such interaction.

Social climbing

With the influence and popularity of social media and online conversations, gaining traction through traditional marketing has become more challenging. Nowadays, consumers can easily do their own research into a product or company, and often ignore marketing communications completely.

Face-to-face communication, or experiential marketing, is the most effective way to engage with consumers. This can be harder to achieve on a screen, where the key message might go unnoticed in a typically busy, everyday life.

Social media cannot compete with face-to-face connection. Getting to know your audience on an individual level forms a stronger and more meaningful relationship. Something as simple as eye contact will engage a consumer and can potentially lead to new business opportunities. Furthermore, if there are any objections or queries this is your chance to deal with them.

Talking up a storm

Present your brand in a memorable manner! We are more likely remember a brand that gives us something to talk about. Consumers can generate valuable word-of-mouth marketing for your brand, which is then amplified through social media. With the rise of smartphone ownership, if you give people something good to talk about in reality they will share it in the virtual world.

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