Habits - the holy grail of marketing

Habits - holy grail of marketing

Much of our daily lives are dictated by our habits, whether they are behavioural, emotional, linguistic or even our thought processes. Social psychologists estimate that 45% of our daily behaviour is habitual. And yet, we often have very limited understanding of them; as our habits and routines are so automatic, we very rarely think about them. In the last few years, insights from the behavioural sciences have been shining an illuminating light on how to explain habits as well as the most effective tools and techniques to break and build habits.

In this three-part exploration into cutting edge behavioural thinking around habits we tackle some of those important questions on the lips of marketers, researchers and anyone interested in behaviour and behavioural change.

Part I: We examine the theory behind habit formation and what we can do to put a stop to sticky, engrained bad habits.
Part II: We go on to explore ways of creating new (better) habits in our lives, like committing to take regular exercise, keeping in better touch with friends and family, eating more healthily, or reading more often.
Part III: We look at how we can measure habit strength through different sets of indicators and why measurement is useful.

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